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Monday Morning Media Mashup: March Break Edition

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Not the kind of reaction we like to see from Brett Cecil.
Not the kind of reaction we like to see from Brett Cecil.

We have sprung forward into March Break week! Not only are the kiddies out of school, but the Blue Jays are also taking a day off today. It means a much-needed break for fans as there was a lot of baseball to watch this weekend. I feel a little better this morning after Canada's loss to the United States, and am kind of happy that I can focus on the Blue Jays and also root on the Dominican Republic without worrying too much about the status of my patriotic badge.

Most of the regulars will actually taking a couple days off as not many of them will be headed off on the 2.5-hour road trip down to Fort Myers to face the Red Sox on Tuesday at 1:35 pm. But worry not--Bluebird Banter will not be taking any time off as we will have a GameThread up for tomorrow's game and we will will be chuck-full of content today.

First up, before the other links, I would like to present this GIF of another ridiculous catch by Anthony Gose this spring from Dan Toman (@DanToman). I wonder if he is related to's Chris Toman (@Chris_Toman)?

Blue Jays Related

Jays left-hander Ricky Romero a bit wild in third start of spring training - Toronto Star
Ricky Romero failed again to reach three innings because of his high pitch count, stemming from his three walks and three hits given up. I am not very worried about him yet, nor am I ready to even entertain the thought of replacing him on the rotation with J.A. Happ, but he sure hasn't put comfort in our hearts that he is ready to be a starter on a team aiming for a playoff berth.

Blue Jays searching for that x-factor - The Globe and Mail
Is team chemistry real? Will it make the Blue Jays win? I never thought that everyone on a team had to like each other to win. They just have to all play well, make up for each other's shortfalls, and realize they have a common goal.

Jays' Bautista back at third? It could happen - Toronto Sun
Hey, if I learned anything from Angels in the Outfield (the Disney version starring a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is that if you believe, "it could happen!" Not that it's likely, but it could! John Gibbons didn't exactly shoot the idea down but I still don't think we'll see Jose Bautista playing third base this year except in emergency situations when there is no one left on the bench.

Santos or Janssen: Who Has the Leg Up as Closer? - The Blue Jay Hunter
With both of them being hurt, Ian looks at whether Sergio Santos or Casey Janssen is in a better position to be this year's closer.

Birds of a feather? Josh Johnson and Brandon Morrow - Infield fly
Greg Wisniewski ‏compares the arsenal, delivery, and facial hair of Blue Jays starters Josh Johnson and Brandon Morrow.

2013 Toronto Blue Jays: Plan the Parade? - Getting Blanked
Travis Reitsma is going through previews of all 30 MLB teams and landed on the Toronto Blue Jays last Friday.

Last Post About BABIP Ever I Swear To God - The Mockingbird
Jon Hale is now actively posting at The Mockingbird again! And says that "this blog is just going to become a depository for completely ridiculous statistical statements this season," which is exactly how we like it. In this edition, he talks about Arash Madani's implication that Anthony Gose's speed is responsible for his high BABIP. By the way I'd bet that this would not be the last post about BABIP on his blog.

Around the League

Catching up with ex-Toronto Blue Jay Jeff Mathis - National Post
An often-forgotten part of the big trade with the Marlins, catcher Jeff Mathis was shocked when he found out he was traded to Miami just a few months after signing a $3 million extension to stay in Toronto for two more years. I wonder if Paul Beeston ever told him to buy a house in Toronto...

World Baseball Classic

Canada falls to USA, eliminated from WBC -
Shi Davidi's WBC recap.

Jose Bautista: Canada broke baseball’s code - Toronto Star
Jose Bautista is not making many Canadian fans happy by saying that Canada violated unwritten baseball rules when catcher Chris Robinson bunted against Mexico while being up by six runs. I respect that he is willing to express his true opinion despite knowing that his fan base would not like hearing it, but I think he is dead wrong here. The WBC is a short tournament with many rules that are different from usual baseball. Since the tiebreaking system uses run differential to settle ties, a team's goal is not only to win, but to score as many runs and prevent as many runs as possible. If that means dropping a bunt with six-run lead, they should still do it because the ultimate goal is to advance to the next round. If written and unwritten rules contradict each other, I think Canada chose the correct one to follow in the game against Mexico.

Basebrawl At The WBC! - Drunk Jays Fans
In case you haven't seen enough of the Canada-Mexico brawl, Andrew Stoeten has some GIFs and videos over at DJF.