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What If Canada Had Eliminated The Americans In the World Baseball Classic?

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This is what you call a lazy post cross-network promotion, folks.

Christian Petersen

Rob Neyer of Uncle Rob and Uncle Grant's Ole Baseball Nation Blogarooney (Tom: that's the new name right?) asked this important question last night:

What if Team USA had lost to the Canucks?

You can (and probably should) click on that to read his post. Then come back. Thanks.

So, what if Canada had eliminated the United States from the World Baseball Classic? Since you are a mostly-Canadian audience, I would assume that we'd be quite happy. I mean, who in Canada (or the rest of the world) does not like beating the Americans? But would the win cause more non-baseball fans to pay attention to the next round of the Classic when Canada is facing Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic? Would the absence of a clear powerhouse, have made the tournament less interesting?

Feel free to talk about anything else of interest in this thread (like you needed my permission).