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David Cooper
David Cooper

Admittedly not much more information, the Blue Jays haven't sent out a press release about David Cooper yet. What they have said is:

  • This is not a new injury. He didn't hurt himself sky diving or doing anything stupid. It is a pre-existing injury.
  • It is serious and he will be having surgery.
  • He will not play at all this year.
  • They have offered Cooper a minor league contract but since he won't be playing this year, he can think on it or consider offers from other teams. They don't expect him to decide on their offer until after this season.
  • He may not be able to return from this injury or, if he does return, he might not be the same player that he was before this.
  • Cooper was released because an injured player can not be outrighted to the minors and they need the roster spot.

It sounds really bad, I feel sorry for Cooper, not that I think he was going to be a great player, but I don't want to see a potential career ending injury happen to anyone. It all sounds bad at the moment.

Best of luck David.