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Spring Training Drags On Friday March 15, 2013

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March break is almost over as spring training continues on. A possible closer "controversy" brewing? Meanwhile a red bearded giant is showing he is mortal (but it is the spring.) Fangraphs does the power rankings for positions.

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Blue Jays hammer Yankees 17-5 - The Globe and Mail
I missed this game, but anytime the Jays beat the Yanks (and really beat them) is a beautiful thing.

Blue Jays: Sergio Santos looks like opening day closer | Toronto Star
Sergio Santos is ramping up his preseason preparations and may be the Blue Jays’ best closing option on opening day.

Casey Janssen pitches batting practice as recovery from shoulder surgery continues - The Globe and Mail
With Opening Day 19 days away, availability of a closer is the most pressing issue for Blue Jays

Travis Snider puts his time in Toronto behind him: Cox | Toronto Star
Disagreeable Columnist writes about Lunchbox.

Blue Jays’ Jose Reyes shines brightest at World Baseball Classic | MLB | Sports | National Post
Bruce Arthur: The great beached swindle of a stadium is mostly empty, but it has been loud because the fans are from the Dominican Republic, and they care.

Five questions: Toronto Blue Jays
Bautista, Lind and Lawrie are all crucial to their success.


Night of pride for D.R. is one of sorrow for U.S.'s David Wright as Mets pull plug on him at WBC - Yahoo! Sports
The Dominican Republic got superheroes of its own to carry it to victory.

Early spring training schedule not a hit with baseball fans | MLB | Sports | National Post
Spring training attendance is down by 14% over last year according to STATS LLC and several things are to blame.

Defending the World Baseball Classic
Yes, the WBC doesn’t generate many headlines in the United States. But that’s not what it’s all about.

Game theory is the next Moneyball
...and other thoughts from the recent SABR Analytics Conference.

Five questions: Tampa Bay Rays
The Rays took some big gambles in the offseason.

Greinke May Be OK, But That Doesn't Mean the Dodgers Are - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
For all the money the Dodgers threw at various players, this team has a lot of questions

Weary Halladay undeterred despite struggles to find his rhythm - The Globe and Mail
Philly ace Halladay keeps sights set on World Series despite whispers of age, workload catching up to him

Roy Halladay’s dismal start has Philadelphia Phillies concerned | MLB | Sports | National Post
An encouraging spring for the Philadelphia Phillies took a downward turn after Roy Halladay’s last start sounded the alarms

Royals Have High Asking Price On Luke Hochevar: MLB Rumors -
Really? Career 5.39 ERA? I added this one because it made me laugh.

2013 Positional Power Rankings: First Base | FanGraphs Baseball
Jays ranked 6th.

2013 Positional Power Rankings: Catcher | FanGraphs Baseball
Jays ranked 21st.


Baseball History - March 15th - National Pastime - Baseball History
2000 In spring training action, Red Sox star Pedro Martinez and five relievers combined on a perfect exhibition game beating the Blue Jays, 5-0.