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GameThread: WBC Semifinal Netherlands vs Dominican Republic

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Chung Sung-Jun

I really can't see this one being close, but in a one game playoff, you never know.

The Dominicans have 3 Blue Jays in the starting lineup:

Jose Reyes SS, Miguel Tejada 3B, Robinson Cano 2B, Edwin Encarnacion 1B, Hanley Ramirez DH, Nelson Cruz RF, Carlos Santana C, Moises Sierra LF, Alejandro De Aza CF. Edwinson Volquez P.


Andrelton Simmons SS, Jurickson Profar 2B, Roger Bernadina CF, Wladimir Balentien RF, Andruw Jones DH, Curt Smith 1B, Jonathan Schoop 3B, Kalian Sams LF, Dashenko Ricardo C. Diegomar Markwell P.

I hope it is a fun game, but unfortunately I'm out tonight and won't get to watch.