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Bluebird Banter Bracket Bonanza

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Canadian and UNLV star, Anthony Bennett
Canadian and UNLV star, Anthony Bennett
Jeff Bottari

I spent a lot of time working on this opening after seeing what happens when people don't like it! With not a lot of interesting news coming out of Dunedin, I'd thought we'd start up the bracket predictor that people have suggested we have this year. You don't have to pick the "First Four" games so the deadline is Thursday (you could probably join later and just sacrifice the points on the games you missed).

Click this link and enter the ID: 154961. The password is: bbb.

The winner receives a whole lot of internet points and respect from every member of Bluebird Banter. If someone is able to make a perfect bracket (basically impossible) they will have permission to use red pandas GIF's in every GameThread this year.

If you are looking for a rooting interest, the closest comparison to the Blue Jays would probably be the Indiana Hoosiers. A team that has a successful history that has struggled badly in recent memory. This year they grabbed a number one seed and are a good bet to make a deep run. I think most people on BBB would hope the same thing happens with the Jays this year.

Duke and the Yankees are similar teams in the sense that they are consistently good sometimes against all odds, with huge fan-bases so be sure to root against the Blue Devils.

If you're more into rooting for Canadians, it just so happens that Gonzaga, Michigan, and UNLV all have stars from north of the border. These three teams are the ones I'll be cheering for.

In the comments, post who you're cheering for, what strategy you're using to make your picks (and how long you spent creating the Excel model that you'll use to pick the bracket).