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Saturday Morning Cereal Box: Baseman Salary Jug / Blue Jays Anagrams

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Part two in a series of Blue Jays games that will appear here sporadically on Saturday mornings. Much more fun than the lame games on the back of your cereal box.

Neon Nails
Neon Nails

Who doesn't love anagrams? Me. I hate anagrams--I am horrible at them. I have anti-dyslexia: I find it very difficult to unscramble letters to form words (and thus I suck at Scrabble). But when Tom asked me to steal Al Yellon's idea (well, he stole it from someone else), I couldn't say no. In order to make these, I used the Internet Anagram Server / I, Rearrangement Servant.

I've scrambled some of the Blue Jays on the 40-man roster. The one who can unscramble the most and posts first in the comments wins! Again, there will be no prizes because I didn't have time to chat with SB Nation's lovely lawyers. No cheating!

  • A Belted Saver
  • Angry Ions
  • Welt Arbiter
  • Me Lurk Rehab
  • I Slurp Zee
  • Can Sense Jays
  • U.S. Car Symbol
  • A Inward Innocence
  • Soil Mergers
  • Overpaid Doc
  • Key Red Balk
  • Icky Dare
  • Sandal Snorer
  • Java Is Arid
  • Mr. Own Bra Donor
  • Crab Doll Inn
  • Radar Smoke
  • Hi, Dutch Owners!
  • Randier Lover
  • Nylon Breach
  • Honey Tangos
  • Scream Which Mile!
  • Epic Iran Jab
  • I Toss Oranges