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Open Thread For 1993 Game Two Replay and WBC Games on Saturday

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Nice uniforms for Cuba.
Nice uniforms for Cuba.
Koji Watanabe

You might want to skip the 3rd inning. No spoilers but.....

The game is on Sportsnet at 7:00.

You have to like the top of our order:

Rickey Henderson, Devon White and Paul Molitor. I would have rather had Roberto Alomar in the 2 spot, it just would look so much better with 3 Hall of Famers starting things off.

The middle of the order isn't that bad either: Joe Carter, John Olerud and Roberto Alomar.

Drops off a bit in the bottom: Tony Fernandez, Ed Sprague and Pat Borders. But then Tony hit .306 for the Jays that season and Borders was the World Series MVP the season before.

Stewart won both his starts in the ALCS but ran out of gas. 1994 he had a 5.87 ERA for us.

Later tonight Cuba plays Brazil. If you are watching and want to chat, do it here. After that there is Netherlands and Taiwan. And then, if you don't feel like sleeping, China and Japan play in the middle of the night.