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Ricky Romero messing with his mechanics

Late spring adjustments always worry me.

Ricky Romero
Ricky Romero

I'm sure you've all seen this story, or one of the other versions, everyone on is on this story, talking about Ricky Romero playing with his mechanics.

I'll admit I read it then, then quickly looked at the calendar, a bit of math, and I see we are about two weeks away from opening the season and Ricky is fiddling with where he is standing on the rubber. We wait until now to do this sort of thing?

Toronto pitching coach Pete Walker and bullpen coach Pat Hentgen noticed a flaw in Romero's delivery this spring and are now making a series of adjustments prior to the start of the regular season.

Romero had been throwing across his body, with a lot of his momentum heading toward the third-base line instead of directly to home plate. That has stopped Romero from properly following through on his delivery and creates problems with location.

What they are doing is moving him to the center of the rubber and trying to get him to throw less 'across his body'.

My questions is: With Rickey working on this, at this late date, do you think that it is now more likely that Ricky will start the season in Buffalo and Mr. Happ will get his wish and start with the Jays? Maybe let Romero have two or 3 starts as a Bison to get the changes to the point where this feels natural to him, and then he and Happ can trade spots.

What do you think?