Jays Pilgrimage - Part 1

Jays Pilgrimage - Spring Training Edition

I am on my way to Tampa for Jays Spring Training and other shenanigans in the town of Dunedin. Looking forward to not being on a work trip I have been on here in El Paso, TX for about a month and a half so far. I have two breaks from this work trip and for both I will be attending Jays games away from my home town of Rochester, NY. Stage 1 is spring training from today (March 22nd) until March 31st which is when I must return to my work in El Paso, TX.

I am currently sitting on the plane on my way to the Jays Spring Meca in the paradise that is Dunedin, FL. My best friend and his wife live in town and we are assembling a gang of our friends to attend spring training for the week. I am looking forward to seeing the New Jays in action. I might even see if I can find an awesome fake beard and a flannel Dickey to wear as I sit behind home plate tomorrow against the Braves just to be that guy. Even if R.A. doesn’t pitch I will be glad to welcome him back to camp wearing that as he comes back from the WBC.

I'm dying for the smells and feel of the ballpark environment as the boys of summer gear up. Hot dogs, Canadian beer, the jeers and cheers are waiting as I sit in this tin can miles from Tampa. It’s been to long since I have been to a baseball game. Stupid winters I need my fix! I have been watching spring games on my laptop as the team starts to click. My anticipation is building and building knowing that I am that close to seeing the hurricane like strokes of Joey Bats and EE. Whose mere presence in the ballpark sends shivers down pitchers spines. I'm looking to be dumfounded by the thunderous arms of Mr. Morrow and Johnson just pilling up the K's. The fun atmosphere created by lovable characters Jose Reyes, JP Arencibia, and Brett Lawrie. I say bring back the hot foot!

This team has a plethora of talent and character. They are going to be fun to watch on the field because you can tell they love every second of this sport. We have a sense of swagger and confidence that builds up an expectation that we belong on the top of the AL East. Leaders like Jose Bautista and R.A. Dickey will point our team in a great direction joined with the grinding give 110% attitude of John Gibbons should be a force to be reckoned with. Players that play hard day in and day out like Jose Reyes and Brett Lawrie will be inspirations for other players to take their play to the next level we build momentum and start winning games. Winning is contagious and once this team puts it together I don't know how we can fail. We will be in every play just grinding it out.

I will admit that I have been bitten by the bug already and I have been excited about this team for years. This year feels different and it feels amazing/ exciting. Things are going to happen and we are going to shake up the AL East. The team has been great the past years but we have been screwed over by injuries, underperformers, John Farrell, and things like the Yankees pocket books. That’s all over and this team is going to be good for the foreseeable future. We have paid in blood sweat and tears for this team and the moves by the front office from over the years area about to pay off. Get ready for the big time Toronto because here we go.

I will be reporting from the Jays spring training next you hear from me. Game on and Go Jays Go!


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