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GameThread: Jays at Twins

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Name that Jay, relaxing before today's game.
Name that Jay, relaxing before today's game.
J. Meric

The "Jays" made the bus ride to Fort Myers to play the Twins, really it is the Bisons that made the bus ride. Not many Blue Jays involved in this one.

Jays lineup:

Anthony Gose RF, Jim Negrych 2B, Rajai Davis LF, Colby Rasmus CF, Josh Thole C, Andy LaRoche 3B, Luis Jimenez 1B, Mike Nickeas DH, Mike McCoy SS.

Dave Bush gets the start. Jeremy Jeffress is to pitch too.

Colby got the short straw and is the one starter that is making the trip.

Former Jay P.J. Walters gets the start for the Twins.

The game is on FX Canada and, but I'm going to take a day away and enjoy some sunshine.

Here is a tweet from Mike Wilner:

No considerations? I doubt that.