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Report: Josh Thole To Minors

Josh Thole
Josh Thole
Scott Cunningham

According to this:

I guess we knew that was going to happen. So far this spring Henry Blanco is hitting .320/.357/.480 in 28 plate appearances. Josh Thole numbers are .156/.229/.281 in 35 plate appearances. Not that a couple of dozen at bats should be enough to make any sort of decision, but that's the way things are. Blanco is 41 now, Thole is 26. I'd always rather have the guy going into his prime years than one in his 40's.

I'm sure we'll see Thole at some point this season, and maybe it is better that he gets full time at bats in Buffalo, instead of occasional at bats in Toronto, but still, I would rather have Thole, I'm sure if you had as many as 100 at bats, Tholes's numbers would turn out better than Blanco's, but it likely won't make much difference to the won/loss record.

So it looks like Blanco will be R.A. Dickey's personal catcher, though J.P. Arencibia seemed to do a good job of catching butterflies, at least the few times we saw him doing it this spring.