Jays Pilgrimage - Part 2

Jays spring training game one for us. My friends and I prepare for the game with beer and hotdogs just down the street from the ballpark in the town of Dunedin. We swill our beer and talk of Jays history that’s past. Today we have the Braves as our spring opponent. The new tomahawk chop is represented by the likes of Jason Heyward and the Upton brothers who are all Up in here with their offensive clout.

They compete against the likes of Brandon Morrow and the Jays potent offense. Today we have a chance to see what real competition may look like as the spring season in Florida comes to a close. Most of the Jays and Braves opening day rosters are in place as the preseason battle begins to erupt. The Jays strike first as my friends and I are just getting settled in our seats on the 3rd base line front row by Jose in right field. Seeing the best player in baseball grab the first couple outs in the game only builds the suspense as we watch the top of the inning in Florida Auto Exchange Park.

The Jays proceed to pummel the Braves starting lineup with home runs through the first 6 innings and Mr. Morrow and the Jays defense let through some bleeders to allow the Braves to score 5. After the 6th inning the Jays turned the game over to the young guys and it got out of hand. The Braves turned out to pummel the Jays in the remaining innings.

Either way, my friends and I enjoyed our first game here in Dunedin which is the last week of the Spring Season for games. We might have drank a few to many beers but that was more or less to drown out how bad the rookies performed against the Braves in the late innings.

If any die hard Jays fans have not made it to the town of Dunedin, FL for the spring season yet you are really missing out. This is a beautiful town and there is plenty to do in the area this time of year. I would recommend a few bars to eat and drink at in this town if anyone is interested. I am a frequent visitor and my best friend and his wife live here in town. That’s where I am typing this article from at the moment. I love this town, I love this team and I am looking forward to the next game I am seeing with my gang here on Monday.

Game on and Go Jays Go!!!!!


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