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John Lott: J.A. Happ has likely made the team

We've been thinking that Happ would be a starter in Buffalo to start the season, but maybe that plan has changed.

J.A. Happ
J.A. Happ

Well, here is some real news, John Lott tells us that J.A. Happ has, at least likely, made the team.

All spring, Happ has been slotted behind fifth starter Ricky Romero in the Blue Jays' rotation order. But he has posted a 1.89 ERA in Grapefruit League action, and Gibbons said "he's too good" to be left off the roster.

Lott speculates that Happ would be the long man in the pen, able to come into a game if Romero has to be pulled early. I thought Brett Cecil was getting the long relief job. Aaron Loup seems to be the second lefty in the pen, with Darren Oliver being the number one. How many lefties do you need in the bullpen?

Have they decided that Happ will be the 5th starter and Romero will start the season in the minors? I can't understand them deciding that before Ricky's start today.

Personally, I'd want Happ stretched out, in the minors, so he is ready to jump in, if/when there is an injury or if Ricky isn't effective. I really wouldn't Happ being part of what looks to be an 8-man bullpen to start the season. I wouldn't want him gathering rust. I can't see why we'd want 4 lefties in the pen. And I don't know why we would risk losing another pitcher, off waivers to put 4 lefties in the pen.

I guess we'll see how this all plays out. Maybe if Ricky's start today goes poorly, we'll know what Happ's role will be to start the season. I do feel slightly bad for J.A., it can't be a lot of fun to have been a major league pitcher for a few seasons, then have it likely that you'll start the season in the minors, after having a very good spring. Happ has a 1.89 ERA in 19 spring innings, with 3 walks and 14 strikeouts. He does deserve a spot with the team, but we don't always get what we deserve.