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Wednesday Bluebird Links: Fall of Romero Edition

The most anticipated Blue Jays season in years draws ever closer. Stories range from Ricky's demotion to Gibby's health to urinal based video games. Fun for the whole family!
(Ed.: Please extend your warmest welcomes to Nick Ashbourne! Nick has been a member of Bluebird Banter since 2010 and has mostly lurked around...until now! Nick lives in Toronto and is a writer for 12th Man Rising, a Seattle Seahawks blog.)

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Gibbons being Gibbons
Gibbons being Gibbons

To conclude a stunning fall from grace, 2012 Opening Day starter Ricky Romero will begin this year in the minors. It's a tragic tale, but this team needs to win now and J.A. Happ gives them a better chance to do that. Romero may well rise again but for now the rotation is finalized. With the fifth starter controversy resolved, this squad is more or less set for Opening Day. And what an Opening Day it will be...The kind of excitement surrounding the 2013 Blue Jays hasn't been seen 'round these parts in a dog's age. In six days time baseball of a meaningful sort will be played. Nothing can compare to that, but perhaps a serving of morning links can help satisfy the hunger for baseball.


Breaking: Romero Optioned To Dunedin | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |

Stoeten's take on Romero's demotion, including tweets from Lott and Davidi.

Jays option Ricky Romero to single-A Dunedin - The Globe and Mail

J.A. Happ grabs the last spot in the rotation.

Blue Jays glad to have John Gibbons guiding talent | News

The Blue Jays have done an excellent job of selling the return of Gibbons. Its safe to say I was sold before reading this article, but a little praise of Gibby never hurt anyone.

Off-season cancer scare for Jays' Gibbons -

A slightly less cheery Gibbons-related story but it seems like he's going to be alright which is obviously all that matters.

The Tao of Stieb: 37 Jays - Mark DeRosa Really Ties the Room Together

Another installment of Tao's one-by-one roster analysis examines the player on the Blue Jays roster who is arguably least able to play baseball.

Blue Jays’ J.P. Arencibia convinces manager he can catch the knuckleball | MLB | Sports | National Post

I'll believe it when I see it, although it's not like anyone can really catch the knuckleball anyway. Blue Jays Preview: What can be expected from Cabrera?

The second in a five part series examining the biggest questions facing the Blue Jays this year.

Blue Jays: R.A. Dickey releases paperback edition of bestselling autobiography | Toronto Star

R.A. Dickey releases the paperback edition of his bestselling autobiography, Wherever I Wind Up, on Tuesday via Penguin Canada.


Will the Orioles squander the fans' goodwill? - Camden Chat

Season ticket snafus and lame promotions abound. Can the Orioles right the ship? If I were the Orioles I would have my foot on the gas trying to keep any fans picked up in 2012, but it seems like they are doing the opposite.

New York Yankees sign Lyle Overbay - MLB Daily Dish

The New York Yankees have signed first baseman Lyle Overbay. If Overbay and Wells both recapture their 2006 form then the Jays might be in trouble. Somehow I fail to shake in my boots.

Season Preview 2013: Evan Longoria and the Defensive Shift - DRaysBay

A comprehensive look at the use of the shift, the importance of Longoria, and the missing aspect to his swing.

Jose Molina on Jose Molina | FanGraphs Baseball

I don't think anyone analyzes the little things in baseball as well as Jeff Sullivan. This time it's pitch framing, and the poster boy for pitch framing as a meaningful skill, none other than Jose Molina.

Red Sox' decisions on Ryan Sweeney and Jackie Bradley Jr. connected - Over the Monster

The Red Sox will have to make a decision on Ryan Sweeney sometime in the next 24 hours. What does that have to do with Jackie Bradley Jr.?


Crazy Predictions for 2013, Part One - Minor League Ball

Are these crazy predictions? Or are they just sane enough?

Crazy Predictions for 2013, Part Two - Minor League Ball

Crazy? Or just barely sane enough to happen?The prediction of no Jays rookies above 1 WAR seems pessimistic but very possible.

Pee-controlled video games on target at minor-league park | Toronto Star

The Triple-A affiliate for the Philadelphia Phillies will introduce pee-controlled video gaming in men’s washrooms when the season kicks off next week. I am speechless.

Mets PR guy has a butt dialing problem | MLB | Sports | National Post

Worth reading for the headline alone.

Positional Power Rankings: Relief Pitchers (#1-#15) | FanGraphs Baseball

Fangraphs ranks the top bullpens in the league. The Blue Jays check in at #6 behind only the Yankees in the AL East. I'll take that.

Brewers boost rotation by signing Kyle Lohse - The Globe and Mail

Good to see Lohse find a home, if only because it means that we don't have to read Lohse speculation anymore. Good but not great pitcher gets big but not huge contract, end of story.


BBC - Future - Technology - Tomorrow’s world: A guide to the next 150 years

Explore BBC's graphical guide to the advances of the future, from 2013 to 2150 and their odds of occurring. As a huge fan of prop bets, this seems like the logical next step.