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Bluebird Banter 2013 Blue Jays Prediction Time

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Give us your predictions.

Rajai Davis signing for folks yesterday.
Rajai Davis signing for folks yesterday.

Happy Good Friday. We are one long weekend away from the start the of the regular season. I always look forward to opening day, but this year is a little more special.

I stole researched this idea from Pinstripe Alley. A handful of questions about the upcoming Blue Jay season, later we'll have have some more general MLB questions.

2013 Blue Jay Prediction Questions:

1. Who will have the highest batting average?

2. Who will have the lowest ERA for starters? Relievers?

3. Who will be the first player not currently on the 25-roster (not counting Brett Lawrie) who will be added to the roster?

4. Who will have the most saves? How many will he get?

5. How many steals for Reyes, Bonifacio and Davis combined?

6. Who will be the team MVP?

7. Biggest surprise?

8. Who will play the most games at second base?

9. Which reliever will have the most appearances?

10. How many major league starts will Ricky Romero make?

11. How many home runs for Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarncion combined?

Feel free to come up with any other questions if you'd like.

My answers:

1. Jose Reyes.

2. Josh Johnson/Casey Janssen

3. Andy LaRoche.

4. Casey Janssen, 25

5. 110..

6. Jose Reyes.

7. I think we had the biggest surprise, with Ricky Romero not making the team. I'll go with Emilio Bonifacio, he's 27 (turning 28 in April), in the middle of his prime. Moving to Rogers Centre, a better offensive park, but really I'm just being hopeful.

8. Bonifacio.

9. Darren Oliver.


11. 75.

Give us your answers.