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Sleepy Time Good Friday Links March 29, 2012

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Good morning everyone. The links are a little late today because the links guy fell asleep in the middle of compiling it so here it is with a touch of red for embarrassment and a little wet from the drool. Note 1: There are no links from the Globe and Mail because it seems I hit my 10 free links limit for the month. Sigh. Note 2: Geddy Lee from Rush will be throwing out the first pitch. Maybe he sings the national anthems, too? Let's hope that unlike what happened with some sk8tR girl, the inevitable interview with Pat & Buck doesn't get all awkward and weird.



Romero hopes to follow Halladay's path back to majors | Baseball | CBC Sports
Written by some guy from some blog... see, I remembered to seek Daker's article this time! The Blue Jays' demotion of Ricky Romero to Dunedin carries echoes of Roy Halladay's banishment to A-ball in 2001, when the late pitching coach Mel Queen helped rebuild him into the best hurler in Toronto history.

Toronto Blue Jays pitching coach says he started too late on Ricky Romero fix | MLB | Sports | National Post
Perhaps the Toronto Blue Jays and their struggling pitcher could have avoided the angst that unfolded behind closed doors Tuesday

Toronto Blue Jays’ R.A. Dickey is prepared for opening-night hullaballoo | MLB | Sports | National Post
Dickey says he is ready — for the hoopla of opening night, the grind of 200-plus innings and the hunt for a victorious October

Toronto Blue Jays’ Brandon Morrow forces himself to rely less on the strikeout | MLB | Sports | National Post
Self-coaching took Brandon Morrow to a new pitching plateau

The Blue Jay Hunter: What Does the J.A. Happ Extension Mean?
Ian asks "What's Happening?" while AA is all "Hey Hey Hey."

The Blue Jay Hunter: How Will Mark Buehrle Transition to the AL East?
Ian looks at Buehrle and the Beast


Baseball analyst Tim McCarver to retire from Fox at end of this season | MLB | Sports | National Post
Baseball analyst Tim McCarver said Wednesday he will retire from his position at Fox after this season. Note: YAY!

MLB: Lyle Overbay likely Yankees opening day starter at first | Toronto Star
Former Blue Jay set to fill for injured Mark Teixeira, Juan Rivera cut.

Ailing A-Rod will make more than all Houston Astros combined | Toronto Star
Yankees’ Rodriguez to make $29 million this season, tops among all major league players and more than the entire payroll of the Houston Astros.

2013 Positional Power Rankings: Wrap-Up | FanGraphs Baseball
FG's final tally on the positional power rankings. Jays are in the Top 10.

Baseball’s greatest bumslayers
From HBT: A look at the pitchers who specialize in whipping the hell out of the little teams of this earth (and stink against quality opponents).

Exit Sandman
HBT looks at the robot named Mariano Rivera.


Baseball History March 29th - National Pastime - Baseball History
1954 After telling reporters his team had little chance to finish in the first division, skipper Phil Cavarretta is fired by the Cubs. The 36-year old player-manager, who compiled a 169-213 (.442) record during his three years at the helm, is the first person to lose a manergerial position during spring training. NOTE: He was right. Their record was 64-90.