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John Gibbons: Dustin McGowan and Brad Lincoln in 'Bullpen Mix'

Brad Lincoln
Brad Lincoln

There is some actual news of the the Blue Jay camp this morning.

John Gibbons said that Dustin McGowan is ready to pitch off a mound again, for the first time in a year, and is potentially part of the 'bullpen mix' by the end of spring training.

Now, with the late start to his spring, he would have to show he was ready in a hurry. I have my doubts that he could be ready for opening day. I think it is far more likely that he starts the season on an injury rehab in Buffalo and even that would be a surprise after the 'setback' he had earlier in the spring.

McGowan would muddy things up even more in the battle to make the bullpen, since he doesn't have any options left and there are already a bunch of guys who are out of options. But it is really good new for McGowan that they are talking of him this way, once again. Personally, I need to see him pitch in a game before I'll believe it.

Gibbons also said that they have changed their minds again on Brad Lincoln. Instead of him being ticketed for the rotation in Buffalo, they are going to put him back in the bullpen and he has a chance to make the team out of the pen. Gibbons said that Lincoln is a 'max effort' guy who would be better in shorter stints. We heard that last year, so it was a surprise that they were planning to put him in the rotation in Buffalo. But then, we have a lot of arms for the pen and we do need some depth for the starting rotation.

Lincoln has an option left, so he would have to show he's a lot better than the candidates that are out of options.