who’s up, down - 2nd week of camp.

Another informal summary.. for anyone just back from China, space station, a sink hole, dial-up internet…

Preseason results don’t mean much but from previous years, guys scuffling all way through … don’t usually have great starts to season either. So looking for at least some period of competence


Johnson, Santos continue to show strong.

Reyes, wow.

Outfield young depth has stepped up; Gose & Sierra (BA and defence.)

Lind, looks good and getting results

Arencibia shows he can catch Dickie - good option, especially if contact continues

Bautista, Lawrie, Arencibia, Encarnacion have first HRs

Delebar had his first period of competence


Romero hasn’t extinguished our fears yet.

Rasmus missing time to get in groove

Bautista, Encarnacion not much on base yet.

Thole, Blanco and Nickeas make me want Arencibia to play more.

Bonifacio & izturis errors. Bonifacio has redeeming qualities on offence. Izturis hasn’t had a hit yet.


Bull Pen; depth should be better than results so far... McGowan and Lincoln are now candidates, maybe correlated. Janssen return date ? Cecil departure date ?

Mark Buehrle’s not kicked into gear yet

Baserunning has been counterproductive to winning - Doubt this will carry over.

WBC effect.


A line drive off Dickie .. seemed to continue to knuckleball to Reyes glove.

Zawadzki; though still batting 500 (He’s been hot in spring trainings before). This rocket appears to be coming back to earth.. like that fly ball taken on one hop.

Derosa rocket going past (now .750). he hit .457 last year Spring.

NY Mets concern for D’Arnaud's health (+ current understanding of concussions) may see a push for the end of catchers allowed & encouraged to block the plate. I’m OK with that. My softball catcher nearly croaked of an aneurism from this ritual.

Drabek, Huchinson and Perez are all long tossing and close to trying off mound. Feels like a positive (exciting even).. but just normal part of recovery to be game ready by June & July as hoped.

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