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GameThread: Jays @ Braves and Canada vs. Italy

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So we have two games this afternoon. The Jays at Disney World to play the Braves at 1:00 Eastern, it isn't on TV but it is on MLB Audio. And then, at 2:00 Eastern, we have the Brettless Team Canada against the Italians, who beat Mexico yesterday, so they aren't a push over. On the plus side, Italy used up a lot of their pitchers in yesterday's game.

The Blue Jays didn't take many of their regulars on the cross state bus ride. This is the lineup:

Anthony Gose CF, Rajai Davis LF, Ryan Langerhans RF, Andy LaRoche 3B, Luis Jimenez 1B, Mike Nickeas C, Josh Thole DH, Ryan Goins SS, Jim Negrych 2B. Josh Joshson starts.

Team Canada's line up: Gillies CF, Green 3B, Votto DH, Morneau 1B, Saunders RF, Robinson C, Loewen LF, Orr 2B, Iorg SS. Shawn Hill gets the start.

Join us in the thread.