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Blue Jays 8 Tigers 6: I forget, what do we call it when we score more than the other games?

Good guys win.

Happiness at the end of a game.
Happiness at the end of a game.
Leon Halip

Blue Jays 8 Tigers 6

We needed that.

So when the season is over, and the books are written, we will be told that this was the moment the Jays season turned around.

Until the 6th inning, this game was just dreadfully depressing. But then, suddenly, the Jays remembered why they carry their bats to the plate. Melky Cabrera started things off with a single. Jose Bautista thought that looked fun, so he tried it too. Then doubles from Edwin Encarnacion and Mark DeRosa and we were down by just two. Unfortunately that's how the inning ended.

In the 7th, Melky started things rolling with a single again. Bautista, Edwin . DeRosa all walked to make it a 1-run game. Then J.P. Arencibia hit a double to bring in 3 and give us a lead. When is the last time we were ahead in a game?

As mentioned, before the 6th, it wasn't a fun game. Mark Buehrle wasn't great but he also wasn't helped by his teammates, who seem to be playing defense with invisible pianos tied to their legs. Mark gave up 7 hits, and 2 walks with 2 strikeouts, in 4.1 innings. He left the game with the bases loaded. Steve Delabar came in and gave up 2 walks and a single, to plate all 3 of Buehrle's runs. After than, Delabar got out of the inning, saving his ERA. Buehrle ended up with 6 runs, 5 earned, on his ledger.

Our relievers did their job over the last 4 innings. Aaron Loup (who got the win), Brett Cecil, Darren Oliver and Casey Janssen (picking up his 2nd save) each had a scoreless inning and we had a win.

Jays of the Day: JP (.288 WPA), DeRosa (.245) and Edwin (.157).

Suckage numbers: Buehrle (-.208). Jose Reyes (.092, 1 for 5, k) and Colby Rasmus (-.091, 1 for 5, 3 k) came close.

On defense many players deserve a suckage award. Emilio Bonifacio make an error on an easy ground ball and had a couple of other bad plays. Maicer Uzturis cost us with a lack of range on a couple of ball hit towards him. And was I the only one that expected better defense from Melky in left. He doesn't seem to be running very well out there.

We did get some luck. A grounder hit Oliver hard in the pitching arm and bounce right to first base. We deserve some luck and Oliver wasn't hurt.

With the long rain delay and the great comeback win, we had a great GameThread again. 2306 comments from 92 commenters. The top 25:

# Commenter # Comments
1 Jeremiah Stanghini 183
2 shortofbrillant 117
3 Gerse 114
4 Bowling_Guy25 110
5 Tom Dakers 100
6 Belisarius 98
7 Maj. Major Major Major 92
8 ABsteve 91
9 TFSML 83
10 Sniderlover 80
11 MjwW 71
12 Pikachu 63
13 MartsB 59
14 STZ513 59
15 Minor Leaguer 54
16 MapleMan 51
17 rdave30 47
18 Ellipses 43
19 BlueJays96 43
20 jays182 42
21 Jakerrr 37
22 siggian 34
23 hansdampf 32
24 l.a122 31
25 GatorJay 31

Great job Jeremiah, you inspire us all.

A win! A win! Make room on the bandwagon.