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Jose Reyes Carted Off Field (Updated Again at 11:55)

Apparent left leg injury. Looked bad.

Leon Halip

In the sixth inning of tonight's game, Jose Reyes stole second base.

On the slide, his back (left) foot spiked the dirt in an awkward way. Reyes was safe but immediately grabbed at his foot/leg/ankle. After some examination, he was carted off the field.

He was also crying. No joke.

I'm not a doctor, but some stray thoughts: it looked like an achilles injury based on where the staff was touching it; a break would be preferable to a high-ankle sprain or achilles injury in terms of recovery; OH GOD NO!!

This sucks. More to come.


Here is the best GIF I have found, from Paul Sporer on twitter.



Small Update: With Reyes out, Emilio Bonifacio slid to shortstop, Mark DeRosa bumped to second, Rajai Davis stayed in the game in right and Jose Bautista moved to third. So for those of you pining for Bautista at got your wish. WAS IT WORTH IT? (I'm kidding.) Man, this sucks.


Update-ish: I'm working under the assumption Reyes will definitely be hitting the disabled list. Below are the infielders currently on the 40-man roster:

Ryan Goins, Mauro Gomez, Clint Robinson. Mike McCoy also exists somewhere in the system.

Yikes. My initial expectation is that Reyes will be moved to the DL and Goins or McCoy will be recalled. That will make Izturis/Bonifacio the middle infield for the forseeable future, with DeRosa and McCoy/Goins manning utility roles. Casper Wells may still make an appearance with the team, but perhaps only a brief one as the team may want to add another infielder to the 40-man.

An additional option involves keeping Wells and having Bautista play third. This probably isn't ideal but is a possible stop-gap until Brett Lawrie returns. That would leave an infield of Encarnacion/Lind at first, Izturis/Bonifacio/UtilityX in the middle, DeRosa/Bautista at third and an outfield of Cabrera/Rasmus/Davis/Wells, with a potential 13th spot for another utility body until The Return of Brett.

None of these options is ideal, of course. There will be no replacing Jose Reyes, short-term or long-term.</p> <p>I may have mentioned...this sucks.


Update from team's twitter account: Calling it an "ankle sprain" with an MRI to come. Be positive, #PrayesForReyes, but don't get your hopes up until the MRI results come.


Another update: Some notes via multiple sources on Twitter:

*One to three months, will know more tomorrow.

*Anthopoulos has "a call up in mind" but didn't specify.

*Somehow, Anthopoulos has ALREADY HAD DISCUSSIONS with other teams about a replacement. Damn, homie works quick.