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Brett Lawrie not playing in Dunedin tonight

Stuff we didn't want to see.
Stuff we didn't want to see.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Dunedin Blue Jays twitter account announced that Brett Lawrie won't be playing in their game tonight. He was to be starting his rehab assignment tonight there, but for no announced reason, he won't be.

Odds are he is on his way to join the Jays. The rehab assignment was just to give him a few games to get the timing back on his swing and get used to playing again. If he was still hurt, he wouldn't be playing rehab games. With the Jose Reyes injury last night, I'd think that the Jays decided that he can get his timing back in the majors. Right now we need Brett glove. We are short of infielders.

The Jays should be announcing the results of Jose Reyes' MRI soon, at that time they will have some moves to tell us about. Reyes will be going on the DL, unless some miracle happened over night. I'd imagine, as well as Lawrie, they will want to bring up someone that can backup at short. I'd think Munenori Kawasaki or Ryan Goins will called up, meaning someone would have to be dropped from the roster. Mark DeRosa?

Complicating things, at least in the short term, is the 'sore foot' that Maicer Izturis is suffering, from fouling a ball off his foot Thursday. At the moment, if Izturis can't play, and will no other changes, Emilio Bonifacio would have to play short (something that none of us would want to see), DeRosa would have to play second (ditto) and Jose Bautista would play third, something that he doesn't really want to do.

Of course, Alex will be working hard trying to come up with a trade to give us some better options, so, depending how quick he can work, there may be more moves coming. It should be an interesting few days ahead.

And no, I don't think the season is over.