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Jose Reyes to miss 3 months

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Anthopoulos has told the media that Jose Reyes has a 'severe strain' and will likely miss the next three months. No fracture found, though they will MRI again to be sure and no surgery needed. I guess those last two items are the good news.

Alex is saying that Munenori Kawasaki (did anyone have him as the first call up from Buffalo?) is just a temporary fill in, that he'll be trying to find a shortstop in a trade. Alex said the team considered calling up Ryan Goins or Mike McCoy, but went with Munenori because he played in the majors last year.

Also, we've been told that Jose Bautista went to manager John Gibbons and offered to play third, which is good of him. Nice to see that he'll do what's best for the team.

And Brett Lawrie didn't play today because there was the threat of rain in Dunedin. He's a sugar cube you know. They have to get him up with the team quick

We really need the starting pitchers to step up now and for the next 3 months and keep us in the race. Right now our starts have a 7.55 ERA. Surprisingly, they are going to have to do much better than that if we are going to contend, with or without Reyes.