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Brett Lawrie to play at Second Base for the Dunedin Blue Jays Today

Scott Cunningham

Not too long of a post--I'm sitting in a car en route to Buffalo--but the Dunedin Blue Jays shocked the baseball world this morning when they announced that Brett Lawrie was going to be playing second base in today's game.

"@DunedinBlueJays: Sunday lineup vs. Lakeland: Jones-8, Burns-5, Lawrie-4, Patterson-3, Knecht-7, Rankin-DH, Baligod-9, Chung-2, Mooney-6, Hernandez-1."

"@DunedinBlueJays: For clarification purposes, Brett Lawrie will be playing 2B for the D-Jays today. That was not a typo."

So I guess I should come out with a mea culpa for shooting down all the folks who talked about moving Lawrie back to his "natural position" (he was a second baseman when the Jays acquired him from the Brewers). Seriously though, this might just be a test to see how Lawrie handles the position in case he is needed there. If he does well we might see a Bautista-Izturis-Lawrie infield until a more permanent replacement middle infielder is acquired.

I am getting car sick now so I'll throw it over to you folks to discuss.


"@JimBowdenESPNxm: Anthopoulos - told us that Izturis will play mostly SS and they want to look at Lawrie @ 2B to give them an option but NOT committed to it"