Pilgrimage to Kansas City

I've seen the best of times and worst of times, sadly both of those times came in back to back games in Kansas city and also in the ninth inning of each game.

I would just like to report though what I've seen from my first hand experience at the games, which is always different than those angles and perspectives on TV. Throughout this short year we sit about one game under .500 with quite a few injuries, but I must say I see some positives coming my way, and some negatives. I was able to see the game on Saturday and Sunday.

1. Munenori Kawasaki has an EXCELLENT defensive glove and his presence and energy rubs off on the others. You can tell by the way he runs on the bags, and moves about the dirt that he is always ready. His arm strength is there and assures me he will make the throw to first, unlike those such as Bonifacio and DeRosa (More on Bonfiacio).

2. Emilio Bonifacio is a pretty bad defender, he looks clueless in the outfield and dramatic in the infield. The job gets done, but not without me skipping a heart beat in fear of an error. There were about 3 balls hit to him while in KC that had him first charge in, then had to retreat back to get. 1 of which he didn't get and was a huge mistake. He's going to need to pick up his glove to justify his bat.

3. Jannsen is just amazing. His ability to change up not just pitch speeds, but his approach and different timings make the batters uneasy and it's easily visible from where I sat.

4. Jose Bautista at third proved to be ...well...not needed. Because I'm pretty sure I didn't see him a part of any plays to be a judge of. I'd rather see him in right and Lawrie back at thrid. Izturis is a better defensive glove over Bonifacio.

5. Our third base coach is a little too aggressive. We got the speed but we don't have 9 Reyes.

6. Kansas City really dislikes out of towners but sure do know how to pre party a game!

I got some pics of the game too, just not sure where to post those.

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