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Jose Bautista out of the lineup, again


So ummmmm.....

Ok, the non-conspiracy theory half of me is saying 'yeah, back spasms can last a few days, all is ok'. The other half is saying 'oh no, he's going on the 60-day'. It does seem to be the Blue Jays' way to be, shall we say, less than totally honest about injuries. I guess a lot of teams are that way, but still, TELL US WHAT IS GOING ON. Please guys. Be honest with us, on this one. We are big boys, we can handle it.

If the Jays ever decide that Jose Bautista should play a few games at third again, without letting him build into it gradually in spring training, I'll personally chase John Gibbons around with a chainsaw. If there is one rule that all teams should follow, it should be 'do not move around your start player'. Yeah, if there is an emergency, he can play a couple of innings at the end of a game, but no more than that. Ever. Move the bit players around, leave the stars in their place.