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Frustration with a lousy start to the season

Let's try to focus on the good.

John Gibbons, praying. Please give me some runs.
John Gibbons, praying. Please give me some runs.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

15 games into the season, the Jays are 6-9 and every single person I talk to says "I thought you said the Jays were going to be good this year?" or some variation on that theme, generally including some Hugo's mom frowned upon words. This conversations frustrate me as much as watching the game. Yes, yes, I said they'd be good, I still think they are going to be good. Go away.

It hasn't been a fun start. The starting rotation spent their first two times through trying to remember where they put the strike zone. The batters are still trying to remember which end of the bat to hold. The one guy that was hitting forgot how to slide, and wrecks his ankle. And Jose Bautista has missed a half dozen games.

It's been so bad that Mark DeRosa was our DH last night. Mark DeRosa DH? The guy that is on the team to be a cheerleader and good guy. I'd rather have a jerk that could play baseball than a good guy that can't. I had intended to do a post that was just 'Mark DeRosa should be DFAed' over and over, but Minor Leaguer talked me out of it. I still think it would be a good post. Maybe we could transfer him over to coach?

Let's focus on the good parts:

  • I'm so glad that Brett Lawrie is back. Watching him play defense makes it worth sitting through an otherwise lousy game. It looks like it will take a few days for him to get the timing with the bat, which, considering our offense has had it's problems, isn't good. But compared to what we have seen at third base, I'll take the bad at bats to get he defense. The whole infield has looked so much better defensively the last few days.
  • Munenori Kawasaki has been great fun to watch. He's not going to finish the season with a .500 OBP but he's fun and that's been missing from the games. I like guys who look like they are happy to play the game. Why shouldn't they be? They get paid good money for playing a children's game. If you can't have fun doing that, you should try digging ditches for awhile. There are always ones that complain if players look too happy when they lose, but it's April, there is nothing to be gained by being depressed.
  • R.A. Dickey, Brandon Morrow and Josh Johnson each had good starts, this time through the order. Mark Buehrle might not have been great but at least he was better than his first two starts and he pitches quickly. I do love guys that pitch quickly, less time for inane chatter from the guys in the broadcast booth. Why do they need 3 talking heads anyway?
  • Edwin Encarnacion looks like he's finding the timing. He's 8 for his last 14.
  • Casey Janssen is 4 for 4 in save opportunities. He's been great. Brett Cecil still hasn't allowed a run. Aaron Loup has been great.

I'm sure there have been other good moments? What did I miss?