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Let the Fun Begin! 2013 Season Opening Game Indians@Jays GameThread April 2, 2013

Game Thread - Indians @ Jays - April 2, 2013


Welcome everyone New and Old!! Today is a day we've been anxiously waiting for through those long cold winter months and it's finally here. I have been fortunate enough to secure the position of Game Thread supplier (Johnny is laughing right now....) so I figured I'd tell you all a little bit about myself.

I've been a member here since August 2008 and a Blue Jays fan only a short bit before that. It's thanks to Hugo, Jessef, and Tom that I know anything at all about what goes on during the games (not having grown up in a family that watched any kind of sports). They were awesome and I thank them.

Carm Factoids:

  • Mom of 2 teenagers & 3 cats
  • I smile way too much
  • My favourite band is Blue Rodeo
  • I love popcorn
  • I really don't care about stats
  • I prefer Cheezies over cheese puffs (just in case I ever get paid for this.....)
  • And last, but certainly not least, I do not ride quads and most certainly do not wear bikinis!!

The rules for the game threads are going to stay the same as last year. It worked out great so we aren't going to mess with a good thing!

Game Thread rule stuff:

  • No arguing with Mods
  • No GIFS until after the game
  • No linking to illegal streams
  • Don't be terrible
  • Full site rules can be found here
  • Don't piss Tom off (Because he's old and gets cranky)

And now for the important stuff!!

Our pitchers this evening (as I'm sure you all know already) will be Toronto's R.A. Dickey going up against Cleveland's Justin Masterson.


Jose Reyes, SS Michael Bourn, CF
Melky Cabrera, LF Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
Jose Bautista, RF Jason Kipnis, 2B
Edwin Encarnacion, 1B Nick Swisher, 1B
Adam Lind, DH Michael Brantley, LF
J.P. Arencibia, C Carlos Santana, C
Colby Rasmus, CF Mark Reynolds, DH
Maicer Izturis, 3B Lonnie Chisenhall, 3B
Emilio Bonifacio, 2B Drew Stubbs, RF

So come join us as we have a great night of baseball. GO JAYS GO!!