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Blue Jays 4 Yankees 9: Can anyone here play this game?

Maicer Izturus can fly, he can't hit, but he can fly. I'd rather if he could hit.
Maicer Izturus can fly, he can't hit, but he can fly. I'd rather if he could hit.

Yankees 9 Blue Jays 4

I know it's April.

The Jays can't hit. Can't pitch. Can't field. And there isn't that much more to the game than that.

It's only April.

Brandon Morrow was terrible early. He gave up 2 in the 1st inning. Fought through a scoreless 2nd. Then in the 3rd, he game up a 1-out home run to Travis Hafner. Then a single and a double. He should have got out of that. It was only 3-1, we were still in the game. Eduardo Nunez hit a soft fly to shallow center. Vernon Well faked a tag to home. Colby Rasmus threw home. Badly. But still J.P. Arencibia should have caught it. Instead he deflected it into the dugout and suddenly we were down 5-1. And that was about it. It seems impossible to allow 2 runs on a shallow fly ball. After that Brandon seemed to pitch better for a couple of innings. No that it mattered.

It's only April.

To pour salt on our gaping wounds, both Vernon Wells and Lyle Overbay hit home runs. And Brett Cecil gave up his first runs of the season.

About the only good parts were the home runs from Jose Bautista (he showed his back was ok, hitting the ball into the patio above the center field wall) and J.P. And a triple from Rajai. Brett Lawrie had his first 2 hits of the season.

Rasmus and Maicer Izturis had some of the worst at bats you'll ever see. Colby has an excuse, being lefty against lefty. Maicer doesn't have an excuse. Munenori Kawasaki had an 0 for 3 and his first strikeout of the season. His batting average dropped from .286 to .235.

Jays of the Day: No one. I'll give honorable mention to Rajai for his leadoff triple in the first.

Suckage: Morrow had the number, -.319 WPA. And I'm giving one to Colby for his 0 for 3 and the bad throw.

Despite the lousy game, we still managed 702 comments in the GameThread, from 53 commenters.

# Commenter # Comments
1 Alan F. 57
2 allcanadian34 53
3 MjwW 44
4 fishedin 37
5 Belisarius 32
6 Jeremiah Stanghini 29
7 hansdampf 28
8 rob.magnificent 26
9 Damaso's Burnt Shirt 24
10 Redonred 22
11 Hathorian 21
12 Tom Dakers 20
13 Shane99a 19
14 TFSML 19
15 Ellipses 17
16 rdave30 17
17 Sniderlover 17
18 Woodman663 17
19 StreakyJays 16
20 GatorJay 15
21 Super Bass Hallways 15
22 Janz_V84 15
23 domefan 14
24 munniec 13
25 MartsB 12

Congratulations Alan F, you have a stronger stomach than me.

Tomorrow. Well, the sun will come out tomorrow. And there will be something resembling baseall. Hiroki Kuroda, and his 2.87, starts for the Evil Empire. Mark Buehle will try to bring down his 7.31 ERA. and he better.

All crappy baseball and no wins makes Tom something something.