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Blue Jays 6, Orioles 5: A much need Jays win in extras.

Even with 4 home runs, we needed extra innings to win.

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I hope we see more of this.
I hope we see more of this.
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 6 Orioles 5 (11 innings)

Bases loaded walk saves me from hitting more things, already almost broke my hand on the bathroom door after Loup gave up the tying runs. Thank you so much for that Maicer Izturis. You kept the bat on your shoulder like a pro. Let's hope this 'turn the season around' win actually does turn things around.

Rajai Davis made a perfect throw to gun out Manny Machado in the 10th to save the game. Is there such a thing as a clutch defensive player? Seems Rajai makes amazing plays just when they are needed. Course, if Jose Bautista hadn't lost a fly ball in the sun earlier in the inning Rajai wouldn't have needed to do that.

Brandon Morrow really deserved the win. He struggled early but then got on a roll and, after a 2-out double in the first, he didn't give up another hit until a 1-out double in the 7th. The double in the 7th was on a pretty good pitch. Gibby pulled him there, 2 batters too late, in my not so humble opinion. Unfortunately for Brandon, Aaron Loup came in and was terrible. Everything was either well off the plate or thigh high, middle of the plate. Loup gave up a single and a double and suddenly the game was tied.

Darren Oliver pitched 2 good innings of relief to push the game to extras. Darren has had some bad moments, early this season, but he looked great today. Esmil Rogers pitched the 10th, getting unlucky when Jose lost the fly ball in the sun, but then was saved when Rajai threw out Machado at the plate, on J.J. Hardy's single. Casey Janssen had a nice 3 up 3 down save, helped by a great catch, in CF, by Emilio Bonifacio.

In the Jays half of the 11h, Jim Johnson got 2 quick outs but seemed to tire. J.P. Arencibia singled, Munenori Kawasaki singled (who also made a great play at short in the 9th) and Brett Lawrie was hit by pitch, to set up Maicer's dramatic, 4 pitch, RBI walk.

Earlier in the game, we built a 5-2 lead on the strength of 4 home runs, one each for JP, Rajai, Edwin Encarnacion and Bautista, all solos except for JP's 2-run second inning homer. JP had a great day at the plate, going 3 for 5, with a double and single going with the home run.

Jays of the Day are: By the numbers Oliver (.252 WPA), Rogers (.142) and JP (.147). I'm giving one to Rajai too, for the great throw and home run. Honorable mention to Emilio for the catch in the 11th, Morrow for the 6.1 of 2 hit, 3 walk ball. And give one to Lawrie, for taking one for the team, and some great defense at third. He did have an error on a bad throw but I think he saved 3 doubles, with great glove work.

Suckage: Loup (-.249). Bonifacio had the number too, for the 0 for 5, but he hit the ball hard 3 times, had a 10 pitch at bat in the 8th and had the catch in CF, as well as a couple of nice plays at second base.

We had a nice 1,260 comments from 63 commenters, pretty good for a mid-week, day game. Bowling Guy beat me out:

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