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Thursday BBB Links: Jim Johnson is Human Edition

That was more stressful than it needed to be. A win is a win though and a win in extra-innings against the Orioles is always an event to be celebrated. Today's links feature the Blue Jays waiver activity, the Yankees' inability to hit lefties, and the reasons for mankind's imminent extinction.

I really want to high-five Brett Lawrie like this someday just to see if he breaks my hands.
I really want to high-five Brett Lawrie like this someday just to see if he breaks my hands.
Patrick Smith

The Blue Jays provided some exciting baseball for those able to tune in to the matinee performance. Dingers, good defense, bad defense, good pitching, bad pitching, this game legitimately had it all. Toronto rises to the meteoric heights of 9-13 heading into a four game series with the Yankees. How about some victory links?


Davidi: Big win for Blue Jays in series finale -

"The Blue Jays blew an early lead in Baltimore Wednesday, but rallied in extra innings to avoid a sweep and defeat the Orioles 6-5."

Toronto Blue Jays beat Orioles on bases-loaded walk in 11th inning | MLB | Sports | National Post

"Twice a castoff already this season, Josh Stinson provided the pick-me-up the Toronto Blue Jays needed."

Blue Jays bullpen getting a tough workout in April | MLB | Sports | National Post

"April has been a taxing month for Toronto Blue Jays relievers, especially Steve Delabar"

Why Brandon Morrow is Just Fine Thank You - Jays Journal

"Brandon Morrow has struggled early in 2013 for the Toronto Blue Jays. What's wrong and will he be able to regain his 2012?" I appreciate the optimism but the 2013 data is skewed by Morrow's first start where he had insanely good velocity, it is reasonable to be somewhat concerned by his velocity of late.

Davidi on Jays: Playing the waivers game -
"The Toronto Blue Jays are big players when it comes to waivers and while it's clever from a management perspective, it can be trying for players caught in the cycle."

Pain causing Dickey to alter release point | News
"Blue Jays knuckleballer R.A. Dickey's upper-back and neck injury hasn't been enough to force him to miss a start, but it is making things more challenging on the mound." You have to wonder if he could just use a couple of starts off.


Matt Moore Observations - DRaysBay
A few thoughts on Matt Moore's progress this year and areas he needs to improve in.

It's Time to Worry About the Starting Pitching - Camden Chat

At the least the starting pitching isn't unfairly awesome like that bullpen.

Should the Red Sox cut ties with Alfredo Aceves? - Over the Monster

"Alfredo Aceves had an atrocious start last night, and his postgame comments only made things worse. In the wake of all this, is it time for the team to finally move on with him?"

Helpless against lefties, it's time for the Yankees to make a change - Pinstriped Bible

A look at the Yankees struggles against left-handed pitching. Don't we have both Buehrle and Happ going against them later this week? We do? Excellenttt.

Going crazy for the O's and their Streak - Baseball Nation

This streak is getting absurd.

Roberto Hernandez is Not Fausto Carmona | FanGraphs Baseball

I'm beginning to tire of Tampa Bay's ridiculous success rate with reclamation projects.


Matt Harvey’s High Fastball Dominance | FanGraphs Baseball

Everyone knew Harvey was good, but wow.

Cardinals' rotation still awesome without Chris Carpenter, Kyle Lohse -

"They lost Chris Carpenter and Kyle Lohse, but so what? There's still plenty where that came from."

Power Rankings: Rockies better than expected, but can it last? - MLB - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy Advice

Power Rankings this time of year are fairly absurd. Bet everything you have on the Nationals and Tigers not sitting 14th and 15th in the power rankings at year's end.

Gordometer returns: Scouts weigh in on possible breakout players - MLB - Ben Reiter -

A bit of an odd list given that Carlos Santana is already a star and guys like Gordon Beckham seem like no-hopers at this point.

The struggling Los Angeles Dodgers still have time to avoid disaster this season - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN

"The struggling Los Angeles Dodgers still have time to avoid disaster this season The struggling Los Angeles Dodgers still have time to avoid disaster this season." This article is worth a look for the picture alone.


BBC News - How are humans going to become extinct?

If you thought the Blue Jays start was bad....