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Blue Jays 3 Yankees 5: Yet another loss

Heal quick Reyes, we need you.
Heal quick Reyes, we need you.
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 3 Yankees 5

That started well. Edwin Encarnacion had a 2-run homer in the first and Brett Lawrie hit solo shot in the second, his first of the season. 3-0 things looked good.

Mark Buehrle had a good, quick first inning. He gave up a solo home run to Vernon Wells in the second, but things were still good. The 3-run home to Robinson Cano in the 3rd was the end of things being good. In the 4th Francisco Cervelli added another solo home run and that would be all the scoring of the night. Bad night for Buehrle, 5.1, 7 hits, 5 earned, 0 walks, 3 k. The big thing was the 3 home runs allowed.

Brad Lincoln pitched a scoreless inning and Brett Cecil went 1.2 scoreless.

But it didn't matter, because we didn't score after the 2nd inning.

Jays of the Day: Edwin (.128 WPA) and Brett (.107, and some great plays in the field).

Suckage numbers: Buehrle (-.334), Kawasaki (-.122, he did have a double), and Colby (-.099, 0 for 4).

One of the things people like about baseball is that you can see something new every game. We saw something new tonight. Ben Francisco bunted. Lawrie made a great play, great throw, and Edwin made a great stretch. Francisco was called out. It was a close play. Then the umpires started talking and overturned the call. I'm sure I've never seen a call at first base overturned before.

In related new, John Gibbons was ejected for the second straight game. He had to get ejected there, you have to argue things like that.

Tomorrow Josh Johnson (0-1, 6.86) goes against Ivan Nova (1-1, 6-14). Before then, remember to vote Kawasaki. I want him to finish with more votes than Derek Jeter.

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