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Jays Call Up Justin Germano

Justin Germano
Justin Germano

The Jays spun the wheel again and it pointed at Justin Germano, he's the one taking Jeremy Jeffress Dave Bush Edgar Gonzalez Ramon Ortiz insert your name here Aaron Laffey's spot on the roster and the bullpen (Yeah I know, I missed a few). Justin was to start today for the Bisons, so they'll have to figure something else out. Germano is 30 years old, right handed and won't be around long enough to look for a condo in Toronto (he says hopefully).

Justin has made 4 starts in Buffalo, going 3-1 with a 6.65 ERA. Jack Morris will love him, wins are all that matters right? In 23 innings he has allowed 38 hits, 3 home runs, 2 walks, with 15 strikeouts. So he's throwing things over the plate, but it's being hit.

When the Jays picked up Germano, Minor Leaguer wrote:

I see this as nothing but an organizational depth move, one of many signings we will hear about to fill in the rosters of the Jays' minor league affiliates. In very desperate situations, Germano can fill in as a starter or a reliever with the big club.

Yeah we are desperate.

Adam Lind should be back tomorrow, so Germano might only be here for the day, or, if they feel they will need a starter, say if Josh Johnson or R.A. Dickey can't answer the call next time around, they may send out Brad Lincoln instead. Or, perhaps they will send both of them out, and I'll be called up to the Jays. Seems possible.

Let's have a warm welcome to Justin Germano and let's hope he doesn't pitch today.