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Blue Jays 4 Yankees 5: This season is going to turn me into a soccer fan

Brett, checking where we are in the standings.
Brett, checking where we are in the standings.
Jim McIsaac

Blue Jays 4 Yankees 5

I don't know. I'm running out of words. We are play just well enough to lose.

We were up 3-0. All looked good. We even had some luck on our side, Edwin Encarnacion, scored on a sac fly, when he ball beat him to the plate but the catcher dropped the ball.

Then J.A. Happ forgets were he left the strike zone. Walked the first 2 batters in the 4th inning and then gave up a home run. Quickly it is tied.

But, Brett Lawrie hits one out and we are ahead again. Life is good again. For a moment.

Esmil Rogers comes in for the 7th. Gives up a 1-out double to Robinson Cano and a Vernon Wells single to tie things again. An out later and Brett Cecil comes in to face Travis Hafner. Hafner hits one to the wall in center. Rajai Davis should have caught it, not that it was an easy catch, but he took a circular route to it and still it glanced off his glove. Maybe, late in the game, with a lead, Colby Rasmus should have been in as a defensive replacement?

There was a moment of hope in the 9th. Joba Chamberlain got the save opportunity, since Mariano Rivera pitched in the first two games of the series. Maicer Izturis and Emilio Bonifacio singled, Emilio's right down the line, if we had any luck at all it would have gone into the corner and scored a run, but Jayson Nix made a nice play to keep it to a single. Then Davis popped out and Melky Cabrera ground out to third after a 6 pitch at bat.

We had a chance for some runs in the 5th. Rajai and Melky each singled to start the inning but Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion and J.P. Arencibia couldn't score them.

Jays of the Day: Bonifacio (.166, 2 for 4, double), Lawrie (.143, 1 for 4, home run, giving us a lead) and Izturis (.103, 3 for 4).

Suckage: Rogers (-.199), Cecil (-.149, though if Davis had made that catch....), Cabrera (-.143, 1 for 5 and he didn't get the hit when we needed it in the 9th), Davis (-.137, not counting the missed catch), JP (-.126).

Tomorrow, we finish our time in New York. R.A. Dickey (2-3, 4.66) gets the start, and though it isn't fair, R.A. you gotta go out and get us a win. You really have to do this for us. Phil Hughes (0-2, 5.14) starts for the Yankees.

Despite the losing, we still had a lively, if sometimes grumpy, GameThread. 48 of us managed 1030 comments. mjw3 lead the way with 113 comments.

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1 mjw3 113
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23 Janz_V84 9
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