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Adam Lind Back, Brad Lincoln to Buffalo

Roster move of the day.

He's back
He's back

Adam Lind is back with the team, and Brad Lincoln is on his way back to Buffalo. That means Justin Germano is staying with the team, which has me worried about the health of Josh Johnson. I'd rather have Lincoln than Germano, but it looks like the Blue Jays would rather have someone that can pitch several innings.

The other news is Brett Lawrie is leading off today. We are going with last year's top of the order with Lawrie andColby Rasmus. Worth a shot. Here is the full lineup:

Lawrie, 3B

Rasmus, CF

Bautista, RF

Encarnacion, DH

Cabrera, LF

Lind, 1B

Izturis, 2B

Blanco, C

Kawasaki, SS

R.A., no pressure bud, but we need you to get us a win. Someone has to step up and carry the team to a win and you are nominated. Cause:

Please win.