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Monday Bantering

Little bits on an off day

Jim McIsaac

I wish the Jays were playing today, I'd like to get to forgetting about the last bad series. I

Aaron Laffey has decided to become a free agent rather pitch for Buffalo. I'm sure there will be a line of teams wanting the guy that has a 7.11 ERA in 3 starts and 2 relief appearances in the majors this year. It's bad luck to have the ERA of a Slurpee seller.

Some quick bits:

  • Dave Cameron says the Jays are in trouble. No kidding. Though I think comparing them to a bunch of teams that started badly really doesn't tell us all that much. Yes, most teams that start bad are going to be bad teams, but then the odd one might be a decent team having a bad stretch. I'm hoping the Jays are one of those good ones having a bad stretch.
  • Someone claiming to be Marty York on Twitter figures the Jays are going to fire John Gibbons soon. I really don't believe that's Marty York, no matter what you think of the guy, if he was on Twitter, he'd have more than 99 followers. Gibby isn't going to be fired in the next few days.
  • Brad Lincoln is back in Buffalo., Buddy Carlyle, who took the spot start in place of Justin Germano, has been put on the DL. It is just a 7-day DL, odds are he isn't so much injured as he could use a few days off.
  • Marty Brown broke the Buffalo Bisons record for wins by a manager. He has 254 wins with the Bisons. I'm sure he'd rather have a major league record.
  • R.A. Dickey complained about the Yankees stalling in yesterday's game. The Yankees do a lot of stalling to allow their relievers to get ready
  • I love this catch, vote Kawasaki:

That's all for now, I gotta get on my taxes. I hate doing taxes.