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Dunedin Blue Jays Opening Roster

Here is the opening day roster for the Dunedin Blue Jays, though they have 2 days before their season opening game, lots of time for a move or two.

At least they have a real prospect at the top of their rotation, Aaron Sanchez should be good. I wonder how long Ricky Romero will be there. On the offensive side, Marcus Knecht and Michael Crouse hope to bounce back from poor 2012 seasons.

Starting Pitchers:

Aaron Sanchez, 20
Casey Lawrence, 24
Jesse Hernandez, 24
Ricky Romero, 28
Scott Copeland, 25

Relief Pitchers:

Dustin Antolin, 23
Scott Gracey 26
Tony Davis, 25
Marco Grifantini, 27
Efrain Nieves, 23
Blake McFarland, 25
Andrew Meyer, 25
Shawn Griffith, 26


Aaron Munoz, 24
Derrick Chung, 25


Gabe Jacobo, 26
Jon Berti, 23
Peter Mooney, 22
Andy Burns, 22
Oliver Dominguez, 24


Marcus Knecht, 22
Jonathan Jones, 23
Michael Crouse, 22
Matthew Newman, 24
Kevin Patterson, 24


Pitchers: Dayton Marze 24, Tyler Ybarra 23.
Batters: K.C. Hobson 22, Pierce Rankin 24, Nick Baligod 25.