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Wednesday BBB Links: Coping With Disappointment Edition

Well that kind of sucked. Fear not, today's morning links features game recaps, optimistic posts written before the game (that are equally valid after), and the sudden consensus decision that free agency as we know it is dead. So cheer up and get your morning reading in.

I'm guessing these meetings got less and less fun as the night progressed.
I'm guessing these meetings got less and less fun as the night progressed.

Losing is never fun, losing on Opening Day is worse and losing such a boring game is probably worst of all. That said, the Blue Jays live to fight another day and one rough game hardly indicates doom and gloom is on the horizon. More important than last night's loss, by far, is the fact that Blue Jays baseball is back.


Davidi on Jays: Deflating but not devastating -

Davidi is pretty much right on with the following,"the Toronto Blue Jays’ 4-1 loss to the Cleveland Indians on Tuesday night before a sellout crowd of 48,857 isn’t reason to begin doubting general manager Alex Anthopoulos’s off-season makeover, just like a lopsided victory wouldn’t have signaled an imminent march to the post-season."

Cleveland Indians at Toronto Blue Jays - April 2, 2013 | TOR Recap

Chisholm's recap of the game. Not sure I'd call the Asdrubal Cabrera home run "towering" both Cabrera and Dickey seemed rather shocked that it left the park.

Long lines wear on fans as Blue Jays kick off season | MLB | Sports | National Post

A heads-up on the long lines for beer that come with well attended games. Pretty much the definition of a first world problem.

J.P. Arencibia’s night in 9 GIFs | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |

GIFs don't lie.

Crazed Blue Jays fan has a bat -

The GIF we all knew was coming.

Injury to keep Lawrie sidelined two more weeks | News

The Blue Jays are expecting third baseman Brett Lawrie to miss approximately the next two weeks. Hopefully this is the last time the timetable gets pushed back

Blue Jays Offense Is Insane - Jays Journal - A Toronto Blue Jays Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

The results of one game don't make this headline or article any less true but it is quite the ironic headline in light of what the Jays showed last night

The Blue Jay Hunter: 10 Reasons to Be Excited About the 2013 Blue Jays

A little unbridled optimism to help overcome Opening Day blues.

The Tao of Stieb: 37 Jays - Dickey, The Best.

Another edition of Tao's one-by-one rundown of the 2013 Jays.


In praise of John Farrell - Over the Monster

I'm hoping I won't see thing headline again in 2013.

Orioles are back for more, and don't dare doubt them -

"This is a confident young Baltimore team, and with good reason. They're out to prove 2012 was no fluke. And they will." The Orioles seem like a trendy pick all of the sudden and I can't for the life of me understand why.

Baltimore Orioles 25-man roster: The hitters - Camden Chat

Not that scary right? Am I missing something?

Baltimore Orioles 25-man roster: The pitchers - Camden Chat

Again, not exactly a murderers row...

Robinson Cano's agent switch may doom the Yankees -

"Switching agencies may make a contract come faster, but it won't be any cheaper or shorter -- and therein lies risk for the Yankees."


The legend of Bryce Harper and more Opening Day lessons - MLB - Tom Verducci -

There's some real tidbits of interest here but making a claim like "baserunning is getting worse" after one day of baseball is absurd.

The Evolution of Free Agency | FanGraphs Baseball

An interesting take on where the institution of Free Agency is going in baseball by Dave Cameron.

The Golden Age of Players Staying Put -

Another look at the trend toward big money extensions.

Surely There Is a Roster Spot for Micah Owings Somewhere | FanGraphs Baseball

The latest on the most interesting baseball player in the world...

The Killer Feature Of MLB.TV

A nifty feature for those who do the thing. A great help to those like me who would do pretty much anything to get away from the commentary of Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler.

Marlins get it all wrong with Jose Fernandez

"Whether a baseball decision or a marketing one, calling him up doesn't make sense."

Scott Kazmir strains ab muscle, may be DL-bound -

"Indians starting pitcher Scott Kazmir strained his abdominal muscle during Monday's club workout and might have to be placed on the disabled list, the Indians announced Tuesday." A possible bump in the road for quite the feel-good story.


Leafs, Sens and Habs don't need much tinkering | Hockey | CBC Sports

NHL trade deadline day is something of a Canadian national holiday but this year it doesn't look like much is going to happen unfortunately.