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More on opening day

Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes

Not the result we wanted on opening day. We did have a lively GameThread and overflow thread, 90 total commenters. 1622 total comments, a pretty good start, but let's do better tonight.

# Commenter # Comments
1 shortofbrillant 116
2 Bowling_Guy25 110
3 MapleMan 85
4 MjwW 79
5 TFSML 76
6 Tom Dakers 74
7 benk 70
8 STZ513 65
9 Sniderlover 60
10 Redonred 49
11 Belisarius 44
12 TonyWalsh 43
13 Huey2k2 42
14 Terrence Hunley 42
15 mankle 39
16 Alan F. 36
17 StreakyJays 35
18 Damaso's Burnt Shirt 34
19 yellowalman 32
20 Woodman663 30
21 rdave30 26
22 munniec 25
23 Bendit 23
24 txbengal29 22
25 Frag 21

Good work shortofbrillant, you are an inspiration to us all. Hopefully tonight we'll have a better game to talk about.

Over at, Gregor Chisholm talked to J.P. Arencibia about the fun of catching R.A. Dickey. Henry Blanco suggeste an adjustment after the 3rd inning:

More adjustments while catching Dickey or just the one about opening your stance behind the plate?

"Just that one. Henry was like, ‘hey man I see you more square than usual and try to open up a little bit more.' Right away, that inning, I opened up and I was a lot more free. That could be part of it for me, just whatever the excitement, you don't think about things like that, you're really trying to concentrate. You creep, creep, creep to where you feel normal and then you notice, okay I understand, and once I turned it opened it up and made it free again. Those are just in-game adjustments you're going to have to do and everyone is going to do them, especially as you get more experience, you learn to make those adjustments."

JP also noted that the knuckleball was moving more than it had been during the spring, He figured the excitement of opening day had them both 'jacked up'. I thought his pitch was moving a ton. After the third inning, both seemed to settle down.

Fans want perfection all the time, but life isn't like that, we all learn and improve (hopefully).

It seemed like one of those hard luck games, at least early on. Soft hit singles against Dickey, then the home run which no one figured was going out. R.A. will find out that Rogers Centre is not that fun a place to pitch, especially with the roof closed.

On offense, the good news was that everyone in the lineup got on base, at least once, except for Adam Lind and Maicer Izturis. Lind did see 18 pitches, in his 4 at bats. The hard hit ball, into the double play, was bad luck. But then, blast a home run and there is no chance for bad luck. We really needed to take advantage when Masterson was having troubles early.

Also on the good side, the bullpen did a really good job and the defense looked good, minus the passed balls.

Not the start to the season that we wanted, but today is another day.