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Lansing Lugnuts Opening Roster

The last of our full season teams, there are a few more prospects in this group.

There is a pretty good starting rotation. Osuna and Norris are among our top prospects and Avendano and Cole have were great last year. Murphy, Nessy, Lopes and Pompey are all on our top prospects list and some of the others have been on our lists in the past and need a good season to get themselves back on. It should be fun team to watch.

Starting Pitchers:

Roberto Osuna, 18
Javier Avendano, 22
Taylor Cole, 23
Alonzo Gonzalez, 21
Daniel Norris, 20

Relief Pitchers:

Griffin Murphy, 22
Wil Browning, 24
Matt Johnson, 25
Arik Sikula, 24
Chuck Ghysels, 23
Tucker Donahue, 22
Ian Kadish, 24
Ben White, 24


Santigo Nessy, 20
Seth Conner, 21
Leo Hernandez, 23


Balbino Fuenmayor, 23
Christian Lopes, 20
Emilio Guerrero, 20
Gustavo Pierre, 21
Kellen Sweeney, 21
Jorge Flores, 21
Shane Opitz, 21


Ron Melendez, 23
Dalton Pompey, 20
Chris Hawkins, 21
Carlos Ramirez, 22


Pitcher: Kramer Champlin 23.