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Blue Jays 5 Red Sox 0, Home Runs from J.P. Arencibia and Colby Rasmus

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It looks like more than a strain to me.
It looks like more than a strain to me.
Tom Szczerbowski

Red Sox 0 Blue Jays 5

That was more fun. Well, except the injury to John Lackey. That was too bad. It looked very serious, but the Red Sox are saying it is a strain. I'll admit I don't believe them, but hope it is true.

J.A. Happ had a nice start, just 1 hit against, 3 walks and 6 strikeouts in 5.1. I thought Gibbons did a great job taking him out of the game, after a one out walk in the 6th, even though he had just thrown 76 pitches, 51 for strikes. Why not take him out while things are going good. 99 pitches for Happ. Boxscore had him and Lackey reversed.

Steve Delabar was great, pitching 1.2 innings of perfect relief 2 strikeouts. Aaron Loup and Sergio Santos had a scoreless inning each. Santos was helped out by a great catch at the wall by Colby Rasmus with a runner on. It is nice to see some good defense, after the last few days of lousy defense.

On offense, we did enough. a two run home run by J.P. Arencibia and a three run shot from Rasmus, both balls were crushed, scored all our runs. Colby's was a mile out to right, JP's to dead center.

Beyond the homers, Jose Reyes had two hits, a walk and a steal, JP had a double to go with his home run, and Adam Lind had a single, a walk and a steal. Yes, you read that right, Lind had a stolen base. I think it was intended to be a hit and run but the batter. Mark DeRosa, swung through the pitch. No worries, Lind has wheels.

We even had some nice defense. JP threw out a base stealer (he also made an error trying to throw a guy out earlier in the game), he was helped by a great catch and tag from Emilio Bonifacio. Edwin Encarnacion threw out a player trying to score from third on a ground out. Colby had the catch in center and Rajai Davis made a nice catch in right.

Jays of the Day: Happ (.276 WPA), JP (.170) and I'm giving one to Colby even though he only had a .072, but with the catch, plus the 3 extra runs saved us from a close finish. And Delabar can have one too.

Nobody had the Suckage number. Edwin was low man at -.090, on an 0 for 4, with 2 k.

The GameThread was lively again, 69 comments and 2016 comments. Leader board:

# Commenter # Comments
1 MapleMan 145
2 Bowling_Guy25 106
3 ABsteve 95
4 shortofbrillant 80
5 Jeremiah Stanghini 79
6 Sniderlover 76
7 jays182 73
8 Quinten 67
9 expos&nordiques4ever 66
10 Tom Dakers 60
11 fishedin 60
12 MjwW 59
13 Gerse 59
14 Emily G 59
15 tremblay52 58
16 Diamond_D86 58
17 Belisarius 55
18 brigstew 53
19 Nadia 50
20 Wrecking Ball 49
21 Ellipses 47
22 JaysfanDL 45
23 TouchemallJose 42
24 hansdampf 42
25 Alan F. 41
26 benk 34
27 rdave30 33
28 GatorJay 32
29 Super Bass Hallways 31
30 Frag 27
31 jmauer09 27

Great job again Maple Man.

Tomorrow, R.A. Dickey gets his second start of the year. Since Jose Bautista looked to be getting right to pinch hit, before Colby's homer put us up by 5, I'm expecting he'll be back. Henry Blanco is to catch, but it would be tough to take JP's bat out of the lineup. Jon Lester starts for the Red Sox.

Boston media, as usual, have been trolling hard. I guess we should just consider the source.

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