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Hump Day Blue Jays Musings: Lineup, MLB Fan Cave Check-In, New Waiver Period, Minor Moves

Courtesy April Whitzman

We have a couple of Toronto-Boston games going on tonight. The one played on ice in Boston will start at 7 pm, and the one played on dirt and plastic in Toronto--the one we care more about--will start at 7:07 pm. If you are interested at the Maple Leafs game, be sure to visit our friends over at Pension Plan Puppets. Since tonight will be the Leafs are going to be playing their first playoff game in nine years, I wonder if how well the Blue Jays will draw tonight at the Rogers Centre. There'll be at least an attendance of one (me).


Tonight we will be seeing another different Blue Jays lineup, but that's OK, according to the Shermanator.

MLB Fan Cave Check-In

This afternoon I had a brief--but pleasant--chat with April Whitzman, Canada's Ambassador to the MLB Fan Cave. If you recall, she and eight other "Cave Dwellers" moved to New York City to watch every single game in the major leagues this season (April claims that they are at 393 so far). They got to do a bit of sightseeing when the games weren't on and got to meet a bunch of ballplayers, so I guess that is worth the all the hard work they have to do. J.P. Arencibia and Rajai Davis visited April and her crew last weekend when the Jays were in town.

Rajai did a neat little skit about that game in Kansas City when he was interfered with by the right field ballboy. Sure it's fun and all but has anyone reached out to the ball boy to see how he felt about that incident? I hope he didn't get fired for that mistake. Also: check out Rajai's huge watch.

Asked about her favourite moments so far, April told me, "my favourite moments have been getting the opportunity to meet players and see them more as their stats. We have been able to hang out with these players and learn incredible things about them and get some resourceful information about the game. When Rajai Davis was here, Davis talked about his excitement of being a father, while J.P Arencibia continued to talk about how much he believes in the Blue Jays team this year."

April and the Cave Dwellers (great band name) also blog every day (I told you they work hard). Today, April wrote about the longest homers hit by Blue Jays players over the last five years.

New Waiver Period

It's May 1st, which means that Major League Baseball has entered into a new waiver period!!! I'm sure you have all circled this date in your calendars. The order of waiver claim priority from the offseason until yesterday was based on 2012's final overall standings, but from now on, it will be based on this year's overall standings. The Blue Jays' .451 winning percentage in 2012 placed them behind eight teams (Astros, Cubs, Rockies, Twins, Indians, Marlins, Red Sox, Royals) in priority, meaning that any of those teams could have blocked a waiver claim. But thanks to the Blue Jays' poor start to the year, they have jumped up from 9th place to 4th place, behind only the Marlins, Astros, and Angels! Jonathan Sanchez, anyone?

Minor Moves

I noticed that a bunch of minor moves that happened yesterday pertained to former Blue Jays after looking through MLB Trade Rumors:

  • Aaron Laffey signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers to a minor league deal after declaring free agency instead of accepting an outright assignment in Buffalo.
  • Mark Teahen ("Coffeecock") was traded from the Diamondbacks to the Reds for cash and/or a player to be named later.
  • Speaking of the Diamondbacks, they have signed Juan Rivera, who was released by the Yankees in spring training, to a minor league contract.
  • The Mariners have signed Corey Patterson to a minor league deal. He'll probably join Eric Thames in AAA Tacoma after a stint in extended spring training.
  • One-day Jay Randy Wells (he pitched one scoreless inning with Toronto back in 2008) has retired from baseball, and opened a Twitter account:

Other Stuff

Ricky Romero will start in his second rehab game with the Dunedin Blue Jays tomorrow. I wrote about his first game here.

Rogers Centre has started testing the roof, according to intrepid reporters Brandon Morrow and Tim Langton:

And of course, support the Write-In Kawasaki campaign by writing him in to your MLB All-Star Ballot and sharing the video about Jhonny Peralta!