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What do we think of John Gibbons?


We've had 40 game to watch Gibbons, so I thought it was time to ask you all what you think o him?

Managers are, for the most part, judged on won-loss records and we have a lousy record. 16-24, so he must be a lousy manager. Good teams have good managers, I'm never sure which causes which. Give me a good team, I could manage. The manager of the year is always someone that had a winning team. It is an unfair world.

Things I like:

  • I like that he is using Jose Bautista in the 2 spot in the order. My only worry would be that Jose would be unhappy with it, but as long as it was explained to him and he was happy, it's a great move. Now I'm not going to suggest that the 25 runs scored, in the 3 games since the move, is directly related to the change, but it doesn't hurt to convince the players that this works. Anyway, good job Gibbons, I doubt there are many managers that would have made that move. Doing the right thing, even though few other managers would do it, is a sign he can think for himself.
  • I like that Gibby has more patience than I do. I'd would have had Melky Cabrera sit for a few days, back when he wasn't hitting and he was running so poorly, but Gibbons kept putting him out there and Melky seems to have found his swing. He was good with Buehrle, leaving him in a game after he gave up 7 runs in an inning. It's more likely Mark will figure things out on the mound than on the bench. He's also had more patience with Bonifacio, DeRosa, Blanco and several others than I would have had. Blanco, well I'd rather he'd have less patience with, but, on the whole, managers should be smart enough to stay with a player long after fans want to give up on them.
  • He doesn't bunt much, thank you John. Sometimes the players take it upon themselves to bunt, something I hope Gibbons puts an end to. Players shouldn't be making strategy decisions.
  • We seem to be making fewer baserunning errors. And, when we do, like Maicer Izturis yesterday, Gibbons seems to address it right away.
  • He's not John Farrell.

Things I don't like:

  • Losing games in extras without using his best pitcher. Putting Brad Lincoln into a game, with the winning run at second base and Casey Janssen available, is almost unforgivable. Several games below .500, we can't just give away games. He has to start managing for the win, not for a save.
  • We aren't over shifting as much. Now I think we were doing it too much last year. Putting on a big shift for a guy hitting .220 and then watching him tap things the other way for hits bugged me. But, maybe, we've gone a little too far the other way.
  • There is the occasion batting order that has me shaking my head. Then, with the injuries and the way we have been hitting, it is hard to find a batting order I'd like.
  • I hate the 8-man bullpen. Hate is too soft a word. Buffalo is just a couple of hours away, if we need a pitcher, if the bullpen does get over used, we can get someone up in a hurry. Having 8 guys in the pen leads to doing silly things like putting Lincoln in with the winning run on second.
So what do you think of John Gibbons, now that you've had a quarter of a season to watch him?