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Thursday BBB Links: Mini-Sweep Edition

For the first time this year I think it's fair to say that the Blue Jays are rolling.Today's links look at some of Toronto's prospects, a study in how players perform on their bobblehead nights and everything you need to know about the latest major diamond heists.

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It's good to see some unadulterated joy around these parts, it's well deserved.
It's good to see some unadulterated joy around these parts, it's well deserved.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Last night's game was not the most compelling game in recent memory but it never hurts to watch the Jays lay a beating on someone. Decisive victories have been the status quo of late, and while it can't last it sure is fun for now.


Melky keeps playing after MRI confirms injury | News
"Blue Jays manager John Gibbons wasted no time in putting Melky Cabrera back in the lineup for Wednesday's game despite some lingering leg soreness."

Hayhurst: Injuries can lead to opportunities -
"Players sometimes benefit when their teammates get hurt, though they might not want to admit it. Dirk Hayhurst explains how this dynamic applies to the 2013 Blue Jays."

Nolin among Jays minor leaguers playing well -
"The Blue Jays have disappointed at the MLB level in 2013, but some of their minor league players are off to strong starts. Sean Nolin and Joel Carreno are among the organization's top early-season performers."

Toronto Blue Jays welcome, but miss, old teammate in San Francisco Giants’ Marco Scutaro | MLB | Sports | National Post
"Signing with the Toronto Blue Jays was the best career move Marco Scutaro ever made." Scutaro was one of my personal favorites while he was with the Jays, he was a better player in 2009 than people remember.

Bats starting to show some life as Blue Jays begin to right the ship - The Globe and Mail

"It's taken a while to get there but this is what the Blue Jays had in mind when the season started."


The Forgotten Oriole: Tsuyoshi Wada - Camden Chat

"Tsuyoshi Wada is under contract but hasn't pitched an inning. With an expected debut in June, we look at how his stuff compares to other MLB pitchers."

Felix Doubront working on mechanics - Over the Monster

"Felix Doubront is working on his mechanics as his next start approaches."

Morosi: Instead of folding, Yankees are dominating - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN

"The New York Yankees are dominating despite numerous injuries." I can't wait for it all to come crashing down (it's all going to come crashing down right?).

Yankees rookie pitchers: Successes and failures - Pinstriped Bible

"The Yankees aren't known for giving young pitchers a shot, or for sticking with them very long when they do. How often have they had one win his first major league game since the turn of the century?"


A Moment of Not Taking Clayton Kershaw for Granted | FanGraphs Baseball

I don't think Kershaw fantasy owners were taking him for granted, but perhaps we should be doing more bowing down at the shrine of Kershaw.

Ever wondered how players do on their bobblehead night? -

I've always wondered....

About the Braves and All of Their Strikeouts | FanGraphs Baseball

Another article showing that being good at hitting is more important than not striking out.

If baseball players were evaluated like wine - Bless You Boys

"Scouting baseball prospects is a difficult, inexact science. The good news is there is another comparable system for adding legitimacy to something that is completely subjective: wine reviews." Count me in.

Power Rankings: AL East, NL West lead pennant race at quarter mark - MLB - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy Advice

"What's up with pennant races? Matt Snyder, while carefully stacking MLB squads from 1-30, ranks the AL East first, NL West second as he preps for a laugher in the AL West." The Blue Jays are slowly crawling out of the cellar.

A.J. Burnett's Age-36 Re-emergence - Beyond the Box Score

"After a few down years in New York, A.J. Burnett is once again an excellent pitcher." All things being equal I'd rather see Burnett fail, but maybe he can help the Pirates finally get above .500


A Recent History of Diamond Heists

"Jewelry heists happen surprisingly often. What's less common is that the perpetrators get caught." There just isn't nearly enough news on this topic.