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Thursday BBB Links: Rough May Debut Edition

The good new is that you can only lose one game at a time. The bad news is everything else. Links feature the Jays' NHL playoff picks, Barry Zito's musical exploits and the beginning of the internet itself.

Elusive photographic evidence of a Toronto Blue Jay hitting a baseball
Elusive photographic evidence of a Toronto Blue Jay hitting a baseball

Not much to say about that, it just was not a good time. Would have been nice to start May with a win. At least there are always links.


Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays - May 1, 2013 | BOS Recap
A recap of the massacre

Davidi on Blue Jays: Buehrle off his game -
"The Toronto Blue Jays brought in Mark Buehrle to stabilize their rotation but the veteran left-hander continues to struggle and was once again off his game in an ugly start Wednesday night ." The headline here is something of an understatement.

Davidi: Cecil, Johnson make NHL playoff picks -
"Brett Cecil and Josh Johnson both grew up as hockey fans in the United States and the Toronto Blue Jays pitchers put on their analyst hats to make their first-round NHL playoff picks."

Dickey, Johnson on track to make next starts | News
"Blue Jays righty R.A. Dickey has been cleared to make his next start after the results from an MRI came back clean. He's on track to start on Saturday. Josh Johnson also appears to be in the clear for his next start. Johnson was forced to miss his last outing in New York because of tightness in his right triceps muscle."

Edwin Encarnacion Is A Beast - Jays Journal - A Toronto Blue Jays Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

Sounds about right.

Should heads roll in Toronto? -

"As the Blue Jays continue to disappoint, it may be time to start wondering whether GM Alex Anthopoulos deserves to keep his job." I don't think Rogers will or should can AA but someone is likely to take the blame should the season continue the way it's going so far.


Red Sox looking to upgrade on Jarrod Saltalamacchia? - Over the Monster
"The Red Sox are rumored to be unhappy with their catcher's production, and could be looking for someone else to take over."

Thoughts On Kyle Farnsworth, Jake McGee, and Fernando Rodney. - DRaysBay
"Who will return to form and who will falter?"

Is Mariano Rivera saving his best for last? - Pinstriped Bible
I hope not....

The John Farrell effect
"Red Sox pitchers have been significantly better under him." I really, really, really, want to say that this is a coincidence. Hard to prove either way.

Travis Hafner Reborn In Yankee Stadium | FanGraphs Baseball
Yankee Stadium is the perfect place for Travis Hafner to do half his hitting, unfortunately.


What Actually Happens After An Intentional Walk? | FanGraphs Baseball
An investigation into the controversial IBB

Barry Zito jamming with Metallica because why not? -
"San Francisco! Guitars! Giants baseball player(s)!" This is pretty cool.

Currently historic: That’s a lot of strikeouts
Not great to see two examples from the Blue Jays.

These 11 moments will destroy your faith in Wrigley Field - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
"Should the Cubs ditch Wrigley? These 11 moments will destroy your faith in the Friendly Confines. These 11 moments will destroy your faith in Wrigley Field." I would hate to see Wrigley go but I guess I don't have to deal with it consistently.

After CC Sabathia and Mark Buehrle, is the 200-win pitcher an endangered species? | The Strike Zone -

Hopefully the decline of the 200 and 300 win pitchers will make people evaluate pitching more sensibly.


Team rebuilding world's first website -
"Twenty years ago, a team of researchers shared the Web with the world. Now they want to show a new generation what it was like in its earliest days."