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Blue Jays put Josh Johnson on DL, Ricky Romero to start Friday

Ricky's coming back, sooner than we figured.

He's back, sooner than we expected.
He's back, sooner than we expected.

Oh, this season continues to be so much fun.

The Blue Jays have placed Josh Johnson on the 15-day because of 'triceps inflammation', retroactive to April 29. Sad stuff. Johnson has a 6.86 ERA in 4 starts but without the 1.1 innings and 6 earned in the cold of Detroit, his ERA would be in the 4's. He hasn't looked near as good as he did during spring training.

Brad Lincoln is being called back up, likely just for 24 hours, to take his place. Since Justin Germano pitched a couple of innings yesterday, he'll be unavailable today.

Then tomorrow, Ricky Romero will be making what was to be Johnson's start. Ricky, as you all know, has been down (up?) in Dunedin, trying to make changes to his delivery. He made the one start there and it was pretty good, 7 innings, 6 hits, 1 earned, 0 walks and 4 strikeouts. He should dominate A-ball hitters, but the nice part is that he didn't walk anyone. His big problem, last year, was walking far too many.

Jays staff, watching him in that Dunedin start, all seemed pleased in his work. I'm sure the Jays would have rather seen Ricky make at least another start or two in the minors, but I'm not sure who else they could call up for the start Friday.

I don't know what else can happen to the Blue Jays this season, I'm expecting plagues of locusts to rain down on Rogers Centre any time now.

I'll be cheering for you Ricky. You deserve a happy ending to this little ordeal you've been through.

Update: The reason Johnson's DL is only back dated to the 29th, even though he hasn't pitched since the 21st, is because they are calling Lincoln up and Lincoln was only optioned back to Buffalo on the 28th. So, to bring him back so quick, Johnson has to be DLed after that date. If the Jays thought Josh would be ready to come back sooner, they'd have back dated it to the 21st and called up someone else. It seems to me that the Johnson injury is a little more serious than they are telling us.

Josh will be missing 3 starts if he comes back as soon as allowed. I think we must be talking a bit more than soreness.