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Blue Jays 1 Red Sox 3: Can a blogger write off beer on his taxes?

This season is turning me into a drinker.

The single good moment of the game.
The single good moment of the game.

Red Sox 3 Blue Jays 1

That was tough to watch.

There was a good moment. J.A. Happ had a easy first inning. Brett Lawrie started us off with a home run. And that's about where the fun ended. Happ allowed 2 runs in the top of the 2nd. That was all the Red Sox would need.

Happ was terrible. 3.2, 3 hits, 7 walks, 2 strikeouts. Only 2 earned, through some sort of act of God. He wasn't helped by an umpire that thought the outside corner was something that moved by the inning.

The bullpen did do a good job. 5.1 innings with just 3 hits, 3 walks and 1 run allowed. Brad Lincoln looked good, I'd be happy to keep him up with the team and send down Justin Germano (wrote this part before it came true). Steve Delabar, Brett Cecil and Esmil Rogers each did a good job too.

On offense, we had 7 hits and 3 walks, and yet we only scored on Brett's leadoff home run. We had baserunners in 7 of the 9 innings (if you count the Lawrie homer as a baserunner) but we couldn't score them.

Colby Rasmus was 3 for 4 and looks like he might be coming out of his early season doldrums. Everyone in the lineup got on base at least once except for Melky Cabrera and Emilio Bonifacio. Munenori Kawasaki took 2 walks but hit into a double play to end the game. We really need to get some guys that can pinch hit. After Rajai Davis pinch hit for Bonifacio, we had Mark DeRosa, Maicer Izturis and Henry Blanco left on the bench. I'd have let Kawasaki hit over any of those 3 too.

Brett almost managed to get hit in the head by a line drive. He jumped for a ball that he didn't have to jump for, and it almost got him. He misread it, but then, it came at him pretty fast.

On the defensive troubles side. Brett had a throwing error, making Lind jump to get the throw, leaving the bag. Jose Bautista also had a throwing error on a throw that bounced past J.P. Arencibia, when he was trying to throw out Will Middlebrooks at the plate in the second. It wasn't that bad a throw, but JP missed it.

Jays of the Day are Brad Lincoln (.107) and Brett Lawrie (.090, home run and a walk).

Suckage: Edwin Encarnacion (-.193, 1 for 3 but hit into double play with the bases loaded to end the 3rd), Adam Lind (0 for 3, walk, struck out to end the 7th, with the bases loaded), Melky Cabrera (-.144, 0 for 4 and let a popup drop at his feet to cost us a run), Emilio Bonifacio (-.118, 0 for 3). I'm giving one to Happ too, if you walk 7 in 3.2 I think you earn a suckage.

I do have to mention the 'shiny arm' that Red Sox reliever Junichi Tazawa had. There was something damp and sticky on his left forearm and he touched it before pitching. Suggestions from Twitter that he was sweating didn't ring true, as the rest of him didn't look shiny and damp. Whatever it was, it should have been looked at by the umpires. Most of us don't wear sunscreen at night.

Late news: Justin Germano was DFAed after the game. Another pitch once and gone. How many are we up to now? So Lincoln gets to stay. Tomorrow Ricky Romero is back.

We start a series against the Mariners tomorrow. Please can we win a series?

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