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Blue Jays 12 Orioles 6: Edwin Encarnacion hits grand slam

Tom Szczerbowski

Blue Jays 12 Orioles 6

I''ll put a real recap up in the morning, but we are going to go out for a beer or two.

Great game for the Jays, Edwin Encarnacion hit a grand slam, J.P. Arencibia homered. Anthony Gose scored from second on a passed ball, the O's tried to get Jose Bautista at second base, and Gose turned third and continued home. From where I sat, it looked like he was out, but the umpire was much closer.

Brandon Morrow wasn't good, but made through 7 innings and with the 12 we scored, he got the win. 10 hits against for Morrow.

Dirk Hayhurst was nice enough to stop by and say hit and chat with us for an inning or so.

I'll add more in the morning, but you all can use this to discuss the game.