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Brett Lawrie's alter-ego showed up on the field on Sunday

Tom Szczerbowski

Yesterday, "Edward 40 Hands" made an unscheduled appearance at the Blue Jays’ game. It’s sad and bit of a shock that Brett Lawrie’s alter ego is still getting out onto the field but let’s face it: Brett’s still learning how to be a man. At the age of 23 most of us would be forgiven for acting like spoiled babies; mostly because our behaviour affects seven people at the most and no one really cares about what we do.

However, Brett Lawrie is in the public eye and should have known better. It’s one thing to let your emotions get the better of you against an opposing player but if you show up your own teammates you will find yourself on an island faster than Gilligan can yell "SKIIIIIIPPPPPPPER!"

Now I hate to get onboard with an old "get off my lawn" type of journalist but the Expos old PR Director really expressed the same feelings I had after seeing Brett’s "performance". Although I had to look up the exact meaning of "petulant child" (moved to or showing sudden, impatient irritation, especially over some trifling annoyance) he hit the nail on the head.

I think this event could have been avoided—and this is revisionist history—if the Blue Jays as an organization had punished Brett much harder when he hit umpire Bill Miller with his helmet. There should never have been no discussion of an appeal of his four-game suspension. That was a very light punishment and Jays’ management missed an opportunity to send a message: these kinds of outbursts will not be tolerated by this team.

Look at the mess that was the Yunel Escobar eye-black fiasco: I think it’s evident that this front office has little idea how to discipline or instill a proper code of conduct with their players.

If there is anything we Canadians love to do it’s to tear down our heroes if they’re not humble in relation to their success. The fact that a kid with a history of questionable decisions (see some of his tattoos) and behaviour is as popular with Jays fans flies in the face of that history. Maybe it says more about the current state of the Blue Jay fanbase then it does Brett Lawrie. From what I’m seeing down at the dome there is an overflow of petulant, spoiled young douchebags that talk like they know baseball but are quick to boo their own team, taunt other fans and players, get hammered, throw things on the field then selfishly partake in The Wave while their team is on defense down by five runs.

Brett owes Munenori Kawasaki a few steak and sushi dinners because if the Blue Jays hadn’t won that game this is all anyone would be talking about. I honestly think Brett Lawrie needs to be demoted or fined. At least take away his Dr. Dre headphones for a month—anything that makes him realize that he’s not going to get away with doing and saying whatever the hell he wants in the heat of the moment, and going off whenever he feels like it just because he is the young Canadian hero on this team.